Do I Need Certified Disinfection Cleaning Services?

A question we get all the time is: How do I know if my office, retail, school, or restaurant location is safe and has been properly disinfected? Fortunately, today, a number of professional cleaners have developed certified disinfection cleaning services that help employees and consumers feel safer.

New Challenges Require a New Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for all involved.  Businesses have had to allocate more budget and time to cleaning programs, while the cleaning companies have needed to retrain their staff and put them to work on the front line as essential workers. As a result, it’s important to communicate to all your employees and customers that your cleaning program provides maximum protection and is your top priority.


5 Tips to Build Consumer and Employee Trust

The old days of just emptying wastebaskets and wiping down bathroom surfaces doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s professional disinfection cleaning services offer something much more. It is so important for employers to create clean, safe, and protected environments that their valued employees and customers can trust. 


5 tips to build a foundation of trust around your cleaning program.

1. Get a custom quote from a professional cleaner

2. Make sure your applicators are trained and industry certified

3. Consider science-backed, long-lasting, antimicrobial agents

4. Promote your cleaning efforts on social media and in email campaigns

5. Display certification materials


Custom Quotes for Disinfection Cleaning Services

Prioritize your cleaning and disinfection coverage areas to fit your company’s needs and budget. Every location is a different size and shape. Estimates will change based on a variety of factors, including size, time of day, location and number of employees. A good professional cleaner will come and do a walkthrough to help guide you on what will be the most effective and cost effective disinfection services. 


Application by Trained, Certified Professionals

When you choose a disinfecting and cleaning service make sure that the cleaning professionals are ISSA-CMI certified and have obtained GBAC Trained Technicians status that confirms they are trained on the latest technology like electrostatic sprayers.



To offer the highest level of protection, first start by asking professional cleaning companies to outline what their advanced programs include. For example:


A Higher Level of Protection Backed by Science


Science-backed, long-lasting antimicrobial agents can dramatically extend the length of viral protection by up to 90 days. Using advanced equipment like electrostatic sprayers, special disinfectants, and antimicrobial products like PRO-Techs, professional cleaning companies are providing a higher level of protection through science. This means that your company may not need to disinfect as often.  


Also, make sure that the antimicrobial solutions, if used, are registered under the EPA (European Biocidal Products Regulation) and other comparable regulatory bodies around the world . It is very important that the antimicrobial spraying services have been used safely and effectively for years. The CDC and other industry resources have lots of good information available here.


Share Your Commitment to Health and Safety

Use your social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to inform your customers and employees. Let them know that you have engaged in maximum protection for their safety.  


Social media can help everyone understand your certified disinfection cleaning program benefits:

● 24/7 Protection

● Lasts up to 90 Days

● 99.9% Effectiveness

● Durable, Sustainable, Economical

● Any Surface, Anywhere

● People/Pet Friendly and Environmentally Safe

● EPA and EBPR registered


Display Your Proof of Protection

Professional cleaning companies now have many tools, including Certificates of Disinfection and Protection and QR codes to provide valuable information to consumers, such as showing evidence of cleaning on site. Reinforce social distancing and have your cleaners visible during the day. Where possible, use promotional materials to show your location has been professionally cleaned and disinfected.




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