Requesting a Commercial Cleaning Proposal

Commercial cleaning services are a valuable addition to your company. Regular cleaning helps your facilities look their best, creating a strong first impression with potential clients and producing a healthy, productive work environment for your employees. When you’re selecting a commercial cleaning company, you’ll need to create a Request for Proposal, also known as an RFP, to send to potential companies.

What is a Request for Proposal?

A Request for Proposal is a document that provides prospective cleaning companies with information about your desired cleaning services.

The RFP will include info about your company’s specific cleaning requirements and service specifications, along with your goals for your commercial cleaning service.

Prospective cleaning companies need the information in your RFP to provide an accurate, in-depth proposal for the cost and terms of your cleaning service.

What Should You Include in Your RFP?

It’s essential to include the right pieces of information in your RFP to receive a quote and to confirm that a cleaning company can fulfill your expectations. A complete RFP also allows potential companies to address any questions or concerns that you have.

Include the following info in your RFP:

Company Overview and Background

The information in this section helps us get to know your company and your facility. You should include a short overview of your company along with the info about your industry.

At Imperial Cleaning, we’ll use information about your industry and company to explain why we’re an excellent option to fulfill the needs of your company and industry.

Your Preferred Payment Details

You should include your proposed payment schedule along with details about how you prefer to pay your bill. Establishing these important details upfront prevents any miscommunication.

Info About Your Ideal Cleaning Schedule and the Scope of Your Cleaning Services

In detail, explain what kind of cleaning schedule you’re interested in, along with your preferred time of day for your visits. If you have any requests about what supplies or equipment you want us to use or not to use, this is the section to include that information.

Plan on providing some of your supplies or interested in a specific cleaning technique? Let us know so we can plan your services accordingly.

This portion should also include what length of contract you’re interested in and your ideal terms for your contract.

Industry Standards for Your Company

If your business needs to adhere to regulatory cleaning standards for your facilities, supply information about these standards in this section. We understand that many companies, like businesses in the healthcare industry, require more specialized cleaning procedures that ensure their facilities meet strict industry standards.

Imperial Cleaning has experience meeting the rigorous standards established by OSHA, the EPA, and other government agencies.

We’ll provide more information about our team’s training and knowledge so that you’ll be confident we can meet the standards required for your company.

Details About Your Goals for Commercial Cleaning Services

Explain your preferences regarding your commercial cleaning services, such as info about your ideal frequency of services, your preferred products, and what areas need disinfecting and cleaning. This helps us create a comprehensive cleaning plan to meet your goals.

Info About Your Evaluation Criteria

If you require certain criteria to select a cleaning company, like references or a specific level of experience, include this information.

Any Applicable Service Requests

Imperial Clean offers a variety of cleaning services to better meet the needs of our customers. If your company requires any special services, like window cleaning, floor care services, air duct cleaning, or power washing, include these requests in your RFP.

We can include specialty services in your regular cleanings, schedule them intermittently, or complete them as requested.

Your Points of Contact

Contact information, along with their preferred contact method and availability, should be included for your company’s main point of contact. If you have other people you want involved with or updated about your cleaning services, include their contact details as well.

Submit Your RFP to Imperial Cleaning

At Imperial Cleaning, we’re ready to review your RFP and let you know how we can meet your cleaning and disinfecting needs while adhering to your budget and schedule.

We have more than 27 years of commercial cleaning experience and offer exceptional services across a variety of industries. Our team is committed to helping you meet your cleaning goals with flexible, reliable cleaning services.

Ready to send us your request for a proposal? Visit us online to get started or call us at 877-932-5326.

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