Use the Imperial Shield and Join the "Clean Air in Buildings Challenge"

In March of 2022, the Biden-Harris Administration announced the “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge” as part of the initiative to fight COVID-19 to help Americans regain a sense of normalcy and move past the pandemic. The “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge” includes the following key actions:

  • Creating an action plan for clean indoor air
  • Optimizing air ventilation
  • Enhancing the cleaning and filtration of inside air
  • Conducting community communication, education, and engagement

Benefits of Using the Imperial Shield Program

At Imperial Cleaning, we have the Imperial Shield Program to help our clients disinfect and protect their facilities for up to 90 days after each application. Here are the top benefits of using the Imperial Shield Program for your facility: 

Your Facility Has a 24/7 Protective Shield

Our Imperial Shield Program uses PRO-Techs innovative technology to reduce pathogens on your indoor surfaces. PRO-Techs utilizes advanced antimicrobial technology that protects indoor spaces from viruses and bacteria. 

The PRO-Techs' solution is positive-charged and attracts microorganisms, much like a magnet. It attracts these microorganisms continually, with no effort required on your end. Once the microorganism is drawn, the PRO-Techs solution penetrates the organism's outer cell wall and kills it. 

After your surfaces are disinfected using standard procedures, we apply the PRO-Techs solution using a sprayer to ensure we don't miss any spots in your building. All of the surfaces that we apply the solution to will then have the 24/7 shield for up to 90 days, allowing you to fight dangerous microorganisms effortlessly. 

By eradicating your facility of these microorganisms, our Imperial Shield improves the quality and health of your indoor air. 

Clean Air 1

Our Protective Shield is 99.9 Percent Effective

The PRO-Techs antimicrobial technology that we use to kill microorganisms is 99.9 percent effective, allowing it to offer one of the strongest levels of antimicrobial protection. We can apply the PRO-Techs solution to hard and soft surfaces to keep them free of germs. 

Once we apply the solution, it begins working within seconds to protect your building and its surfaces against bacteria, mold, viruses, and other pathogens. This high level of protection significantly impacts the cleanliness of your facility and the quality of your indoor air. 

With our Imperial Shield Program, we test your surfaces to have a baseline for contaminants. If contaminant levels don't drop within EPA guidelines, we'll retreat, adjust as needed, and re-test to confirm that you have healthy, safe facilities. 

The Imperial Shield is Durable, Economical, and Sustainable

Our Imperial Shield is a cost-effective option for improving your facility's cleanliness and air quality. 

A single application is economical and long-lasting, giving you three months of protection. PRO-Tech's technology remains effective for the entire application period. 

Since we can use PRO-Techs technology on practically any surface, you don't need to worry about purchasing or budgeting for multiple products or cleaning services to confirm that all your facilities are protected. 

Environmentally Safe and People-Friendly Products

One of the top benefits of our Imperial Shield Program is that the PRO-Techs solution is people and animal friendly.

In addition, you don't have to worry about the solutions impacting the environment, as all the ingredients are non-toxic and non-leaching. 

Do you have employees who are sensitive to smells associated with some cleaning products? Then, you can rest easy with our Imperial Shield Program, as the PRO-Techs solution is odorless. 

PRO-Techs can even be applied to textiles and won't impact the dying or printing of any treated fabrics. 

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Help to Create a Healthier Work Force

Imperial Shield Program is a five-step program designed to provide a 90-day active germ shield for your organization. This germ shield will help keep your workforce healthier, reducing employee illness and absenteeism.

If an employee does get sick, the Imperial Shield Program can help to halt a flu outbreak because it kills particles that contain and spread the flu virus. In addition, disinfecting surfaces and creating an environment that isn't hospitable to pathogens effectively reduces the spread of disease in your facilities. 

PRO-Techs technology will even reduce contaminants that can lower air quality and trigger individuals who have allergies.

Get Started Using the Imperial Shield Program Today

Our Imperial Shield Program is a proven, economical way to disinfect surfaces, provide a 90-day germ shield, and enhance your indoor air quality. 

You may see polar ionization devices that strive to clean the air, but unfortunately, these devices can be costly, and they aren't proven to improve your indoor air quality. They can even have unpleasant side effects, like releasing volatile byproducts into the air (such as ozone and formaldehyde) that can damage your lungs. 

It's more effective to opt for an alternative that's proven to be effective, like implementing a program that applies the PRO-Techs antimicrobial solution to your building's surfaces. 

Germs are heavier than air and will eventually land on your facility's surfaces. Applying a product that kills these pathogens prevents them from reentering the air and impacting your indoor air quality. 

Want to learn more about the Imperial Shield Program or need to schedule a walk-through? Contact us online or call us at 1-877-932-5326. 

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