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Celebrate Teachers on National Teachers Day with an Overnight Cleaning

May 3rd is National Teachers Day and what better way to celebrate the educators who work so hard for the children they teach than with an overnight cleaning session. Not only is overnight cleaning a terrific way to show your appreciation for teachers, but it has multiple benefits for educational professionals and their students.

The Advantages of an Overnight Cleaning for Teachers, Students, and the School as a Whole

Overnight cleaning has numerous advantages that help make your school better for teachers and students:

1.     Kids and Teachers Have a Healthy Environment for Learning

It’s a known fact that schools act as a source of germ transmission. An overnight cleaning will disinfect and sanitize surfaces to remove viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can make teachers and students sick.

By removing allergens and microorganisms, overnight cleaning sessions can improve your school’s air quality, and improving air quality will help resolve respiratory distress and frequent illnesses, and can cause fewer allergy flareups.

Children and teachers who are less likely to get sick will miss less school, as an illness is one of the primary causes of absenteeism. Parents will appreciate the effort to provide their children with a healthy, germ-free school environment that considers their safety and well-being.

2.     Teachers Can Focus on Teaching

By providing teachers with a clean classroom and a clutter-free environment, you ensure that teachers can focus all their energy on teaching and helping their students.

They don't have to worry about keeping their students safe and in a clean and sanitized environment. Instead, teachers have more time to spend assisting students, communicating with parents, grading assignments, and planning their lessons.

3.     It’s Easier to Teach and Learn in a Clean, Uncluttered Space

Prioritizing disinfecting, cleaning, and decluttering creates an ideal environment for learning.

When space is dirty or cluttered, this is distracting for both the teacher and their students. An example is teachers being unable to find what they need to teach, potentially losing valuable lesson time.

4.     Parents Will Have More Confidence in Teachers and Your Administration

It’s difficult for parents to support their child’s school when they feel like the school doesn’t have their child’s best interests at heart. However, if a parent sees that their child consistently has a clean, inviting, healthy space to learn, they’re more likely to support your school with their time, energy, and resources.

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Reasons to Utilize a Professional Cleaning Company

To ensure your overnight cleaning is completed according to your standards, hiring an experienced cleaning company like Imperial Cleaning is essential. We have over 27 years of experience providing high-quality cleaning services that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

We’ll Provide Better Results

A professional cleaning company has the required experience and training to ensure that surfaces are properly sanitized using EPA-approved procedures and products. They know what safe and effective products are best to use and understand how to deal with old, set-in stains.

Pro-cleaners understand what areas are commonly missed during cleaning sessions and will work to ensure that these areas receive the attention they need. They can also pay special attention to various details throughout the school, like whether light bulbs are working or if a space has the appropriate number of trash cans.

Comprehensive Training and Knowledge

Experienced professional cleaners have extensive knowledge and training that helps them use the right products to create a clean, healthy environment for educators and their students.

You don’t want to hire an inexperienced cleaner who doesn’t know what cleaning products are unsafe to use in areas frequented by children. Using kid-friendly cleaning supplies that won’t harm children is as important as cleaning, especially in schools with younger children, like preschools and elementary schools.

Our professional team at Imperial Cleaning offers a disinfection service known as the Imperial Shield program. This program uses the innovative PRO-Techs solution to create a germ shield on the surfaces in your school. After a single application, PRO-Techs works to kill 99.9 percent of germs for up to 90 days. The PRO-Techs solution is non-toxic, odor-free, and kid-safe.

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A Professional Cleaning Crew is Cost-Effective

Practically every school is working to reduce their expenses or review their expenditures. Hiring a professional cleaning crew is a cost-effective expense for your school.

You can reduce your spending on daytime janitorial staff and buying and maintaining cleaning equipment. In addition, not having to worry about working around students, teachers, and daily school activities ensures your cleaning crew can handle your requested tasks as quickly as possible.

Pro Cleaners Can Adapt and Adjust Your Sessions as Needed

Find that you need additional cleaning services in specific areas of the school? Or, want to request an additional overnight session to prepare for a vital school assembly or event? A pro cleaning crew is happy to adapt your session to meet your needs better.

How to Schedule Your Overnight Cleaning Session

Arranging an overnight cleaning is an excellent way to appreciate educators on National Teachers Day and provide a safe, inviting environment for students and staff.

Overnight cleanings are efficient and productive, allowing cleaners to complete their cleaning tasks as quickly as possible without worrying about interfering with other activities in the school.

Ready to schedule your overnight cleaning session? Contact Imperial Cleaning at 1-877-932-5326 or visit us online to get started! 

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