Commercial Cleaning for Car Dealerships

When someone walks into your car dealership, they hope to walk out with a significant purchase. This isn’t something to take lightly, and first impressions are critical. If they walk in and aren't impressed, they’ll struggle to place trust in you. Without trust, you have nothing.

There are many facets to a good first impression, and cleanliness is one you shouldn't have to stress over. Don’t let an unclean space plant doubt in their mind.

Car dealership cleaning services are something we excel in at Imperial Cleaning. From boat and RV dealerships to luxury facilities across the country, we give it our all.

In the Finer Details

Your customer wants every detail of their automobile to be fine-tuned and top-notch. Why should the dealership be any different? From the large showroom floors and windows to the small crevices of your coffee station, we leave no detail unattended:

  • Dusting. Go ahead and run your finger over any surface - you won’t find a single spec!
  • Wiping. Your cabinets, appliances, and countertops don’t only look clean, they are
  • High-traffic surfaces. Door handles, light switches, and communal telephones get handled all day long. Our thorough sanitization practices minimize the transfer of dirt and disease.
  • Cobwebs. Are there areas you don’t use as much? Windowsills, under the counters, baseboards - all the cobwebs are gone.

Spotless and Hygienic Environment

You want your dealership to look amazing, there’s no doubt about that. But it should also maintain certain health and comfort standards. Hygiene goes beyond appearances.

If a customer leaves your dealership sneezing from the dusty air, you can bet they won’t be back. You also want to eliminate health concerns for your team so it always functions at capacity!

Our signature commercial cleaning processes use cutting-edge materials and solutions to eliminate harsh chemicals and harmful germs. This keeps everyone safe - you can be confident that your environment is both spotless and hygienic.

Electrostatic Disinfection Services are Provided by Imperial Cleaning

Many car dealerships are large and serve a high volume of customers every day. If this is you, consider one of our advanced and specialized cleaning programs.

Electrostatic Disinfection

Our Electrostatic disinfection spray is superior to the regular variety for two main reasons:

  • It sticks to surfaces with a uniform, wraparound mist that lasts. It kills viruses and bacteria on contact. It then adheres to the surface for longer-lasting
  • The wraparound effect helps the disinfectant reach obscure and difficult places that are out of sight - such as the underside of a chair. This not only disinfects better but also ensures safer breathing.

Imperial Shield

Imperial Shield is a 99 percent effective five-step disinfection and antimicrobial application program. When completed, it offers 24/7 protection for up to 90 days.

Step One

We start by inspecting the space and consulting with you. We discuss your needs and goals while identifying things like high-touch points and priority areas.

Step Two

Next, we disinfect everything to prepare it for the next steps. Our technicians are ISSA-CMI certified and trained to GBAC standards.

Step Three

Now we protect. Our technicians are also highly trained in the use of Pro-Techs technology. This nano-tech solution is invisible to the naked eye, making trained applications crucial.

Step Four

Once complete, we revisit the specific priority areas and perform SystemSure ATP surface swab tests again. This ensures levels have dropped enough to follow EPA guidelines.

Step Five

Lastly, you’re given an Imperial Shield Certificate. This certifies your space has received Pro-Techs protection that lasts up to 90 days. Having this certification offers peace of mind to employees and builds trust with prospective customers.

The solution used is hard on viruses but easy on people - it’s non-toxic and doesn’t contaminate breathing air. It’s registered with the EBPR and EBA.

Green Clean

We also offer top-notch green cleaning services for the eco-conscious business. These services include sustainable items and materials that are kind to both humans and the planet. Our green janitorial comes with:

  • Certified green cleaning chemicals for commercial purposes
  • Reusable microfiber towels
  • 100 percent post-consumer recycled tools
  • HEPA filtration vacuums

Reliability is Guaranteed

Car dealership cleaning services from the professionals at Imperial Cleaning provide superior confidence. Maintain a professional appearance while enjoying a safe environment and clean inventory.

For an extra layer of security, our workers are all insured and bonded through our comprehensive Workers Compensation, Liability, and Bond program.

You can also rely on us for fast, prompt help and service. We have several methods for inquiry, all of which are nationwide team tracks and monitors 24/7.

Quality is Assured

When you choose Imperial Cleaning for your car dealership cleaning services, you’re choosing quality. We have several quality assurance programs in place to back this up. This includes various reporting tools and communication programs. These ensure quality every time and help us constantly improve our service.

The Best Cleaning Service for Your Car Dealership

If your car dealership is ready to make the switch to a professional cleaning service, check out our expert cleaners at Imperial Cleaning. We have an elite staff of commercial cleaners that are constantly setting new standards for health and safety. With our thorough and sustainable cleaning methods, your employees and customers can thrive in a clean and healthy environment. Schedule a walkthrough online or call us at 1-877-932-5326.

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