A Detailed Spring Cleaning Will Rid your Home of Germs

Now that spring is in full swing, the weather keeps getting warmer and people are opening up their windows more, it’s good to give your home a spring cleaning. Due to the importance of self-quarantining people are spending more time in their homes, making it a smart decision to completely clean and disinfect your home. Don’t let germs get into your home during this critical time. Keep your living space safe.

Spring Cleaning

Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

1.      Your cellphone

Many people have their phones glued to them at all times, so whether you are home or out in public, your phone is coming in contact with germs. When you place your phone down in your home, you are spreading whatever bacteria has built up on your phone into your home. If you answer a call, you are now putting that bacteria on your face which can make you sick. Wiping your phone down with a disinfectant wipe will help to kill those germs.

2.      Knobs and railings

Knobs and railings are touched multiple times a day by many people, allowing the spread of germs to happen often and quickly. Things such as doorknobs, cabinet handles, railings, faucets, light switches, and lamps should be disinfected weekly with either a disinfecting wipe or a disinfecting cleaner.

Spring Cleaning 2

3.      The kitchen sink

Your kitchen has the second highest germ count in your home. The number one place with the most germs? Your kitchen sponges. Both your sink and sponge touch raw meats and other foods and bacteria that grow in your sink. Disinfecting your sink and replacing your sponges often will go a long way to decreasing the number of bacteria in your home.

4.      Tackle the countertops

Wipe down and disinfect all of your countertops, especially in the kitchen every day. Between people touching them, food being placed on them or dust collecting, it’s important to constantly clean your countertops.

Help flatten the curve of the coronavirus with a spring cleaning in your home. A thorough spring cleaning shouldn’t just be tidying up your home, a complete disinfection will provide you with a clean and safe environment to live.

If you are looking for help to disinfect your home, contact Imperial Cleaning Company.

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