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Why Disinfectant Cleaners Should be Used by Professionals in Schools

Nothing is more important these days than keeping your students and faculty safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. The best way to help everyone stay protected is to bring in the professionals. A disinfection crew knows the best practices to follow and can determine which disinfectant cleaners will have the best outcome for your school.

3 Reasons to Hire Professionals Who Know How to Use Disinfectant Cleaners


1.      Knowledge of Where Bacteria Hides the Most

Germs and bacteria can spread everywhere. Aside from high-touch areas, there are many other spots that normal disinfectant cleaners can’t reach. Being prepared with more than just your normal store-bought disinfecting products is the best way to protect anyone who enters your school building. 

When you hire Imperial Cleaning to do the disinfecting for you, the disinfectants we use are EPA approved and will include our Electrostatic Spray of Disinfectant and Antimicrobial Solutions. This extra step of disinfection can help up to kill 99.98% of deadly pathogens and can continue to keep you safe for up to 90 days.  

2.      Properly Disposing of Waste

When you opt for a professional disinfection crew, you are hiring a team that cares about the health and safety of the people in your school building. After they finish their disinfecting, the professionals will know where and how to dispose of any harmful materials they were using, making sure they are never left behind or in reach of any students.    

3.      Keeps to a Schedule

While intentions to stay on a disinfecting schedule are pure, during the school day it’s hard to stick to a strict schedule. Outsourcing a cleaning company to come in and disinfect for you and your teachers will allow you to have a safe and disinfected building to work in.    


Schedule a Professional Nighttime Disinfection

For more than 26 years, Imperial Cleaning has been providing schools with the protection they need. Allow us to help you protect the faculty and students within your building by trusting Imperial Cleaning with a nighttime disinfection. Our professional disinfection services have made us known as a leader in the industry and receiving your disinfection at night is a great way to help you protect your building for each new day of use.

Allow the professionals to come in and use the proper disinfectant cleaners that can help to keep you safe. Contact Imperial Cleaning today to get your school disinfected!

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