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Enhance Your Medical Facility's Patient Experience with a Professional Cleaning Team

A whopping 90 percent of patients report that they don't say anything when they have an unpleasant experience at a medical facility. Instead, they’ll merely leave and avoid using that place for any future medical needs. One sure way to improve patient satisfaction is to hire a professional cleaning team. The patient experience begins the moment someone enters your facilities, making it essential for your office to have clean, sanitized facilities that produce a positive first impression. 


There are multiple ways that clean medical facilities will enhance the patient experience. Here's what you need to know, including a few ways a professional cleaning team can assist you.

The Value of a Clean Medical Facility

While a clean space is advantageous for any business, it's non-negotiable for a medical facility. Medical facilities have unique circumstances that mean dirty, unsanitized areas are more than a deterrent to potential patients; they're also a significant health risk that can have a long-term impact on the financial well-being of your facility.

Industry Standards Require the Completion of Certain Tasks to Prevent Fines or Other Disciplinary Action

We all know that medical facilities are held to strict standards regarding housekeeping and disinfecting procedures. Violation of an industry-standard can incur fines or disciplinary action and permanently impact how patients and potential patients view your facilities. 


Patients are less likely to use or consider a medical facility that's received a citation for dirty or improperly sanitized spaces. 

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Optimal Patient Health Depends on a Sterile Environment

Medical facilities tend to patients who are sick and potentially contagious. Proper disinfecting protocols prevent germs from infecting your employees or other patients. 


Depending on the nature of your medical facility, you may assist all types of sensitive or at-risk patients with compromised immune systems. For example, a seemingly minor cold can cause significant health issues in people with pre-existing conditions or weakened immunity. Thorough disinfection helps keep these patients safe while getting the medical care they need.

Clean Facilities Put Your Patients at Ease

Many patients experience anxiety when they go to the doctor, even if their visit is for a minor issue. One way to alleviate their stress is to ensure that your facilities are clean and disinfected. A medical facility that looks clean and inviting creates a much more comfortable environment than a space with dirty floors, overflowing receptacles, and grungy bathrooms. It's essential that all of the rooms in your medical facility are regularly cleaned, including the lobbies, staircases, bathrooms, and waiting areas. 


While a clean examination room or testing site will aid in helping patients feel more at ease, to ensure patients remain calm and comfortable, you need to make sure that all of your facility's spaces look their best. 

How a Professional Cleaning Team Can Help

An experienced cleaning team is an excellent tool for creating an environment that welcomes your patients and helps them feel comfortable seeking medical care. 


A pro cleaning team has extensive experience and the knowledge needed for cleaning medical facilities. They understand that a medical facility's tools, cleaning products, and cleaning techniques will differ from those used for other commercial properties. 


Professional cleaning crews know what to follow to confirm that surfaces are properly sanitized. Experienced cleaners also understand what cleaning products are best for effectively sanitizing specific surfaces. 

You Can Adapt Your Cleaning Schedule for Your Facilities

When you use a professional cleaning team, you can customize your cleaning schedule to fit your facility's needs. 


For example, if you use certain patient rooms or waiting rooms more frequently, you can adjust your cleaning schedule to clean these spaces more often. 


Your medical facilities need to begin the day with visually clean and sanitized spaces for new patients. This means that specific tasks will need to be done after patients leave. With a professional team, it's possible to request your cleanings before, after, or during business hours. If you prefer to have a cleaning team on site while patients are there, this is also a possibility.


If an emergency occurs, your on-hand cleaning team can handle sanitization and proper disposal of contaminated materials.

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Professional Cleaning Crews Have an Eye for Detail

When we think of cleaning, we often think of sanitizing patient equipment (examination tables, equipment, test sites) and cleaning the primary components of a room, like the floors and walls.


However, any area people touch throughout the day requires frequent sanitization. This often includes disinfecting small things, like doorknobs, light switches, and handles. Every time someone touches one of these surfaces, they potentially transmit their bacteria to the surface and pick up any other germs already on the surface.

Your Medical Team Can Focus on Providing Stellar Patient Care

Outsourcing your medical facility's cleaning tasks to a professional cleaning company ensures that the employees can tend to the patient-focused tasks they're best at. 

How to Enhance Your Medical Facility's Patient Experience with a Professional Cleaning Team

Connect with Imperial Cleaning today if you're ready to optimize your facility's patient experience. You can conveniently request a quote online to start professional cleaning services for your medical facilities. 

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