National Cleaning Week kicks off on the fourth Sunday in March, just in time for the Spring season to arrive. It's a week that can improve one's mood, reduce stress, and increase creativity by cleaning the house, store, or office. National Cleaning Week is a time to pack away winter essentials and prepare for spring by cleaning up our homes, stores, and offices.

Clean Facts
  • The American Cleaning Institute says, on average, Americans spend approximately six hours per week cleaning their homes
  • 28% clean their homes more than seven hours per week
  • 26% clean between three and four hours per week
  • 10% clean less than one hour per week

Most popular cleaning tasks:

  • Bathroom Cleaning (52%)
  • Kitchen Cleaning (23%)
  • Dusting (21%)
  • Mopping (20%)
  • Laundry (17%)
Cleaning History

Researchers believe spring cleaning originated with the Persian new year, which occurs on the first day of spring. The Iranians perform this ritual just before Persian New Year when everything in the house is thoroughly cleaned, from drapes to furniture.

Alternatively, spring cleaning may originate in the ancient Jewish custom of thoroughly cleaning the home in advance of Passover.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalCleaningWeek

Clean & Disinfect. Imperial Cleaning recommends these tips for making cleaning week less intimidating: Start from the top and work your way down; dust ceiling fans, door moldings, and window tops. Move furniture as needed. If you clean out your closets, basements, and storage spaces, we recommend donating the items to a charity or thrift store. Follow and share cleaning tips using #NationalCleaningWeek and #CleaningWeek. And of course, if you need professional Spring Cleaning, call the cleaning experts at Imperial Cleaning at (877) WE-CLEAN.

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