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Fall Cleaning is just as Important as Spring Cleaning

Now that the summer is winding down and the warm days are ending, you’ll inevitably start spending more time indoors and it’s easy to realize that your house may need a little extra cleaning. That’s why a deep cleaning isn’t just important in the spring, but it’s also very beneficial for the fall. Here are five benefits you’ll get from doing a full fall cleaning.

5 Reasons Why You Need Fall Cleaning

1. Fresh Thinking

Going into the fall and winter with a clean home will give you a nice fresh start. It can improve your mental health because you can relax in a clean space without the stress of knowing that at some point it needs to be cleaned. A clean home is also proven to be a form of self-respect; it causes you to feel as though you are worth it and have value.

2. Prolong Floor and Fabric Life

The dirt and grime that you track in from the outside can wear away at your carpet and ruin its appearance and longevity. The more often they are cleaned, the longer they will last. Even adding a little mud station at your door, just something to wipe your feet off on when you enter your home, can go a long way in preserving your flooring and rugs. 

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3. Reduce Bug and Rodent Presence

As the cold weather starts to sink in, and everyone starts staying inside more, people aren’t the only things looking for a warm shelter. A deep fall cleaning will help to prevent any insects or rodents from finding shelter from the cold in your home. A cleaner home means a less desirable shelter for creatures to live in. 

4. Maintain Clean Air Quality 

With the windows opening up less and less, any dust in the house will be circulated into the air, making it harder to breathe and the air quality worse. When the air quality isn’t up to standards, it can cause you to become sick. Maintaining healthy air quality is especially important for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

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5. Always Be Ready to Entertain

With so many holidays and big sporting events coming up, you’ll be able to entertain at a moment’s notice. Whether you want people over for the holidays, a football game or just a weekend catch up with friends and family, with a deep fall cleaning, you’ll always be prepared.

Doing a full fall cleaning can have many benefits to your home besides just keeping it clean. Between keeping you healthy and keeping unwelcome creatures out of the house, a fall cleaning of the house has become imperative.

If you don’t have the time for a deep fall cleaning, don’t worry, Imperial Cleaning Company can do the hard work for you!

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