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How to Recognize a Trustworthy Commercial Office Cleaning Service

No one likes working in a dirty workspace, especially when you’re too busy to do anything about it. That’s why hiring a commercial office cleaning company is the perfect solution for any business. However, you’re letting strangers into your work where you keep private files and information. So, how do you know they are trustworthy people? Well, we’ve compiled a list of tips to make sure you’re getting only the best.

Tips to Find a Commercial Office Cleaning

Do your research and evaluate your needs

Determine the type of cleaning you will need, whether it be a deep cleaning or just something basic. Once you determine that, do a little research on the types of professional cleaning companies around you. Consider asking around to friends and other companies if they have any recommendations for you.

Interview Candidates

Once you decide on a few companies, invite them into your office so they can scope out the surroundings, and you can meet them to decide whether or not you think they’ll be a good fit. Also, make sure you are able to meet directly with the person who will doing the cleaning, so you can decide if you are happy or not with them being in your office.

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Check Credentials and Research Them

Get a background check on the people who would be working in your office and their company. Check that they have insurance and licenses. You’ll want them to be registered or bonded so in the case that something breaks or an injury occurs, you’re covered.

Request References

Any recommendable cleaning company will be happy to give references of their clients telling you how great their services were. Look for a company that has a history of satisfied customers and once you get in touch with them, ask them what type of services they use. 

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Discuss Cost

Figure out how often you’ll want this cleaning service to come. Once you have that settled, ask about pricing and what each price includes cleaning wise. Also make sure to double check that the company will provide their own supplies to clean with.

Get Everything in Writing

Once you decide on a company, sit down and have a discussion with them about everything you want and expect and all of the things they may also need. Include how long you expect them to be there cleaning for and make the written agreement clear and precise. This entire discussion should be in writing and agreed to by both parties before anyone starts. 

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