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Library Cleaning Services

Libraries offer a whole new world of knowledge from some of the greatest authors of all time, but they’re full of nooks and crannies that require specialized care. Keeping a library clean and sanitized requires attention to both large units and a focus on minuscule details. Library stacks, offices, storage spaces, and reading rooms all stay busy with both visitors and staff throughout the day. Most libraries also have extended hours. Imperial Cleaning offers both day and nighttime cleaning. This two-step approach ensures that libraries remain clean and sanitized. You want visitors to always feel comfortable in a welcoming environment that facilitates them staying for anywhere from several minutes to a few hours throughout the day. You also need to ensure books and archival materials are able to stay in peak condition for as long as possible. A customized library cleaning strategy from Imperial Cleaning is the best way to ensure your library is clean, sanitized, and safe.


Things to Consider

Libraries have special considerations that must be taken into account before a cleaning process can begin. Rodents, insects, and mold all love the paper our favorite reads are printed on, and it is integral to take into consideration what cleaning processes must be done to ensure these things stay out of your library. Cleaning must be through without using abrasive chemicals that can damage materials. This is where Imperial Cleaning comes in.

Imperial Cleaning ensures products used in libraries will not damage the items. Rather than relying on harsh chemicals—we will talk to you about available options—we rely on a combination of library-safe cleaning products and good old-fashioned elbow grease to get the job done. This keeps your items safe while allowing your library to look as good as possible.

Imperial Cleaning also examines exactly what your library needs. Some may require more specialized care than others, such as libraries with a large special collections department, which requires us to get creative with our cleaning. Imperial Cleaning understands how valuable library holdings are, and our employees do everything in their power to ensure your items will last for generations in a clean and sanitized environment.


Our Process on How to Clean a Library

Unlike other cleaning services, Imperial Cleaning knows libraries. Our cleaning process is specially formulated to ensure your library and the books inside get as clean as possible without you worrying about items getting damaged. The Imperial Cleaning difference looks something like this:


Overnight Cleaning Services

Imperial Cleaning understands the importance of patrons using your services throughout the day which means our employees come in overnight at most locations. This allows them to clean swiftly and productively, meaning you don’t need to worry about your patrons seeing how the clean library magic happens. This process also allows Imperial Cleaning employees to provide a more thorough cleaning, ensuring they get into even the smallest of crevices to keep the library clean.

Imperial Cleaning does understand how it can be nerve-wracking to leave someone in the library without you being there. After all, you care for your materials each day and want to ensure they’re in safe hands when you’re gone. Even though you are not there, you can still hold us accountable. We encourage all our night cleaning clients to use Imperial Cleaning’s Customers Self-Service Portal and/or mobile app to monitor and track scheduled or rendered services. Imperial Cleaning is dedicated to being as transparent as possible about the cleaning process, allowing you to stay in the loop even in the dead of night.

You’re probably wondering exactly what we do. We’re happy to share our cleaning process with you below. We divide our cleaning into several different sections. Daily cleaning is what we will do for you every single day. You’re open seven days a week and so is Imperial Cleaning, and these daily tasks make your day go much easier. Next, weekly cleaning items allow your library to look as wonderful as possible. These processes are a little more intensive, but they last for the entire week. Monthly cleaning consists of the extra down and dirty work like cleaning light fixtures and grout. Finally, Imperial Cleaning’s bi-annual cleaning projects keep your library spic and span throughout the year. Imperial Cleaning’s processes for your library will look something like this:



  • Bathrooms

We take the time to thoroughly clean and sanitize countertops, fixtures, sinks, toilets, and touchpoints, sweep all flooring and look to see if paper towels and soap dispensers need refilling. Garbage cans are emptied.

  • Circulation Desks

Keyboards and phones are cleaned and sanitized, \surfaces get wiped down and trash cans are emptied.

  • Entrances and Lobby

Entryway doors and partitions get polished, sweep floors, and trash and debris get cleared.

  • Reading Areas

Tables and chairs are wiped down and sanitized, materials and displays get straightened up and wiped down and trash gets taken out.

  • Staff Lounge and Kitchen

Wipe down and sanitize tables, chairs, and countertops. Dishes are washed and put away. Trash cans are emptied.

  • Work Rooms and Offices

Touchpoints (phones, keyboards, light switches) are all sanitized. Desks and chairs are wiped down and trash cans get emptied.



Generally, Imperial Cleaning’s weekly strategy includes vacuuming carpets (although, Imperial Cleaning employees will vacuum as necessary if something comes up),  dusting all hard services, and washing windows for all rooms. We also give special attention to:

  • Entrances and Lobby

Cleaning and examining outdoor mats to ensure they are not a tripping hazard. The door hardware gets polished. Windowsills and baseboards are dusted and wiped down.

  • Reading Areas

Polish all wood surfaces. Check furnishings for damage or wear and alert you to anything our employees find. Make sure flooring and carpets do not need replacing nor possess a tripping hazard.

  • Work Rooms and Offices

Office furniture gets cleaned and inspected for wear and damage. Windowsills, door frames, and baseboards get wiped down thoroughly.

  • Bathrooms

Clean under sink areas thoroughly and scrub walls and floors behind toilets. Stall walls and doors, fixtures, and mirrors get thoroughly polished.



General monthly cleaning consists of dusting light fixtures and ceiling fans throughout each room, polishing windows inside and out, and changing AC vent filters. However, certain areas will require specialized care, including:

  • Staff Lounge and Kitchen

Microwaves, stoves, and refrigerators will get thoroughly cleaned out on both the inside and the outside. Cabinets and drawers are examined for damage as well as wiped down. • Bathrooms Tile and grout on counters, walls and floors gets a deep clean. We then inspect the floor and sink drains for clogs. Finally, our employees inspect sinks and toilets for unusual dampness or mold growth.

  • Storage Areas

We inspect for signs of rodents and insects as this is where they’re most likely to reside. We also wipe down shelving units.



This is the heavy-duty cleaning stuff that takes a lot of work; however, it keeps your library running smoothly. Some things we do during these events include:

Building-wide duct cleaning – Airborne allergens can make patrons miserable—the last thing you want them to feel in a library. Imperial Cleaning employees will go into your ducts to get them nice and clean. This process may take a couple of days depending on how big your library is, but you won’t need to worry about allergens ruining patrons’ days.

Hardwood floor care – Your hardwood floors will get the best deep clean ever with our deep-cleaning process. We buff and wax them to ensure they look great until their next cleaning.


Why Outsource Library Cleaning Services

Library cleaning can be difficult for people who are not in the cleaning industry as it requires specialized care that cannot utilize many regular cleaning products. It’s also difficult to plan around employee schedules. Finally, many find cleaning a library to be a tedious job they simply do not have the time for after working with the public all day. All of these factors likely contribute to deciding to hire out cleaning. Hiring a professional library cleaning company can assist you in creating a clean, welcoming, and sanitized atmosphere for your patrons. With professional library cleaning services, you won’t need to worry about getting down and dirty ever again. Instead, you’ll be able to come to a nice, clean, and welcoming library each morning that makes you excited to start your day.

Outsourcing commercial cleaning expands scheduling options with crews available before and after regular library hours. It also gives your library access to these valuable cleaning services.

Keeping a library clean is a difficult job for many, but Imperial Cleaning makes the process look easy. Imperial Cleaning takes the time to work with you to come up with a library cleaning plan that fits your schedule. Whether you want our employees to come out shortly after you close to get the job done overnight or in the morning shortly before you open is up to you, but either way, you’re going to enjoy a clean, welcoming library space to start your day in. Our competitive rates mean you won’t be overcharged for our services and you can enjoy your new, clean library all day long. Schedule an appointment to discuss your options today.


Schedule Your Library Cleaning Services

Investing in an experienced commercial cleaning company keeps your library facilities clean and germ-free so that you can offer a high level of visitor comfort and a safe environment for your employees. Want to learn more about Imperial Cleaning’s library cleaning services? Contact us online to schedule a walk-through or call us at 1-877-932-5326.

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