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Reopening Schools: A Thorough Disinfection Can Be Achieved at Night

While there continues to be uncertainty about schools reopening, one thing remains constant, a strong cleaning and thorough disinfection protocol is critical to successfully protecting your school from COVID-19.  While many schools have a janitorial staff to do the daily cleaning, bringing in professionals to disinfect at night is a proven, effective way to ensure a safe and clean environment for all faculty and students.

Professional Disinfection at Night Supports Your Daily Cleaning Staff’s Activities

Your daily cleaning staff is able to keep up with daily cleanings and disinfecting high-touch areas, but it’s difficult for them to do a deep and thorough school disinfection during the day. An outsourced professional company that specializes in disinfection is an excellent solution for ensuring that your school stays disinfected and protected from germs, viruses and deadly pathogens. This helps provide relief to your janitorial staff who has put in a full day of work.

At Imperial Cleaning, we offer nighttime Electrostatic Spray of Disinfectant, as well as Antimicrobial Protection. This comprehensive, long-lasting disinfecting solution will meet today’s high standards of disinfection and protect your school for up to 90 days, effectively killing 99.8% of deadly pathogens and germs in your building.  


Benefits of Nighttime Cleaning

Both cleaning and disinfecting products should be used away from children and in areas with adequate ventilation for maximum safety. When done at night by certified professionals with the proper equipment, the risk of students or staff being nearby and becoming exposed to any danger is not an issue.

Our certified professional cleaners are trained on how to properly use the disinfection equipment and come fully prepared with the proper PPE and all the necessary equipment needed to keep themselves safe and your school faculty and students protected.

Nighttime cleaning appointments will also limit the number of distractions and save time, allowing the cleaning crew to come in and complete a thorough disinfection throughout the entire building. This helps to eliminate areas that can be missed because people are occupying an area to be disinfected.

Outsourcing Disinfection Can Result in Faster Government Reimbursements

Private, public and independent schools have all been awaiting specific directions from the federal government about reimbursements for government mandated cleaning expenses.

An outsourced cleaning company can provide your school the thorough disinfection it needs, as well as provide invoices that proves you’ve followed the guidelines set by the DOH. This helps school administrators receive full reimbursements from the government.


Precautions We All Must Take  

While New York is making great progress with getting the coronavirus under control, we are still not completely out of the woods just yet. So, precautions must still be taken in order to keep faculty and students safe at school.

The more cautious and thorough the disinfection, the faster your school can see results that help students and faculty feel safe and help parents know they are making the right decision to allow their student to go back to school. Contact Imperial Cleaning to get advice about if it makes sense for your school to do a night time disinfection!

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