Medical Disinfection Services Provide Added Protection for Essential Workers

In addition to proper PPE and enhanced hand hygiene, surface disinfection is key to slowing the spread of illness and infection. As part of a comprehensive strategy, medical disinfection is a critical part of safeguarding the essential workers who are protecting all of us.

Why Medical Disinfection is Urgently Important Right Now

Fortunately, new cases of COVID-19 are starting to decline across the region. But this is no time to let down our guard. Medical facilities, like doctors’ offices and hospitals are the first line of defense. In order to continue to provide the best care possible, it’s important to safeguard the health of staff and employees first.

While most medical facilities have long been focused on regular cleaning and sanitizing, disinfection services from Imperial Cleaning provide professional protection at the next level. Our Electrostatic Spray of Disinfectant combined with our Antimicrobial solution provides maximum protection with disinfection services that are up to 99.8% effective in killing the types of germs and bacteria that spread contagious illnesses, like COVID-19.


Now more than ever before, employee health is a primary concern for medical facilities. By killing the very types of viruses and bacteria that are known to contribute to illnesses and infections, regular sprayings of disinfecting agents can protect the health and wellness of your employees.


Each Medical Facility will likely have different cleaning and disinfection requirements. That’s why it’s important to have a professional team of certified cleaners that have been trained on the most recent and effective disinfection techniques. In addition to the precautions already being taken, the professional disinfecting of indoor surfaces provides an added layer of protection from deadly pathogens. For example, a spraying of Antimicrobial solutions provides prolonged disinfecting protection for up to 90 days.

Employee Satisfaction

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, medical employees have made great contributions to our country. In return, they deserve the best protection available. With our professional disinfecting services, your staff will gain peace of mind and be more satisfied at work.

Our medical disinfection services include Antimicrobial Protection

Imperial’s Disinfecting Services Safeguard Medical Facilities

With patients and visitors coming and going all day long, disinfecting services are especially vital for medical facilities. Imperial Cleaning has two options that can be used as part of a customized disinfection plan for various types of medical facilities, including:

  • Doctors’ and dentist’s offices
  • Professional medical offices and buildings
  • Labs, pharmacies, and dialysis centers
  • Research, medical, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospice centers
  • Daycare and child development centers

Antimicrobial Protection

Imperial Cleaning’s Antimicrobial Protection quickly kills bacteria and viruses and aggressively adheres to surfaces providing long-lasting protection. It’s ability to prevent cross-contamination is particularly useful for medical facilities, which are constantly exposed to germs.

Electrostatic Spray of Disinfectant

Electrostatic spraying is a method of disinfecting that provides a powerful layer of protection to indoor surfaces in medical facilities, including high-touch areas, like doorknobs and telephones. In this disinfecting process, a technician sprays electrically charged liquid droplets of safe disinfectant and antimicrobial solutions that effectively kill deadly pathogens and bonds strongly to surfaces.

Medical disinfection services create safe environments.

Medical Disinfection Services Create Healthy and Safe Facilities

Imperial Cleaning provides the highest standard of disinfection in the industry. With over 25 years’ experience in professional cleaning and disinfection, we consistently create healthy and safe medical environments. Trust us for the best in disinfecting protection.

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