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Scheduled Building Cleanings Make You Look Fantastic All the Time

Your office should be attractive — every day. Your visitors’ impressions begin the moment they walk through your front door and often last a lifetime. Your office should be spotless and project a clean, healthy, and professional atmosphere. To make a fantastic first impression like this, your office needs the regular care and attention of scheduled building cleanings.

A Fresh Clean Start - Every Day!

Just like brushing your teeth, professional office cleaning should be a daily routine. Employees will appreciate the benefit of your clean workspace every single day. It’s a healthy habit, and once you create a scheduled building routine, your employees’ morale will go up, too.

Go right down every Fortune 500 Company list and know that they all have commercial cleaning protocols in place because they value a clean office space and their employees consider a clean workplace a necessity. Having a commercial cleaning company regularly service your building makes a statement that you value your employees. 

As we come out of the pandemic, a well-cleaned and disinfected office means that you are doing everything possible to maintain a healthy workforce.

Imperial Cleaning offers building cleaning services

Improve Employee Productivity

A clean office with less clutter keeps productive minds focused. A commercial cleaning service helps your employees concentrate on their job, and if you improve their focus, you’ll enhance their productivity. For most companies, it’s a must-have, not an option.

You can take solace because you are improving work conditions when creating a scheduled building cleaning plan that creates a safer, healthier work environment. Working with a commercial cleaning company will provide a beneficial and long-lasting impact (and also make your CFO happy!):

  1. Higher employee productivity through reduced employee absenteeism 
  2. Longer carpet life and shorter replacement cycles

Schedule Building Cleaning Covers All Your Bases                  

Have you ever seen elevators that have a dingy-streaked finish on the stainless steel? The cleaner didn’t use the correct cleaning agent for the required surface. Professional commercial cleaners are certified and trained to choose the right cleaning solution for each surface they clean, including wood, marble, glass, stainless steel, or fabric.   

That’s important if you want to put your building first and take pride in showing it off. The right commercial cleaning company will have trained and industry-certified employees working on your building to provide the best results.               

Commercial Cleaners Take Pride in the Details

When you hire a commercial cleaning company, you’ll be able to choose from all the services they provide to ensure that every facet of your building receives proper attention that will maximize appearance and performance. At Imperial Cleaning our services include:

  • Detailed Cleaning 
  • Office Disinfecting/Wellness 
  • Bathroom Cleaning/Disinfecting 
  • Day/Night Porter Services 
  • Post Construction Clean-up                                                                    
  • Ceiling Tile Cleaning/Restoration
  • Power Washing
  • Window Cleaning – Interior/Exterior  
  • Carpet Cleaning – Wet and Dry 
  • Floor Buffing, Scrubbing, Stripping and Waxing  
  • Marble and Wood Floor - Care and Maintenance  
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning 

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Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company Lets You Focus On What You Do Best

When you manage an office building, your performance is measured every day. You need consistent performance from your commercial cleaning company every day.  

It used to be that cleaning services just emptied wastebaskets and did some spot dusting of desk surfaces, but that’s all changed. Imperial Cleaning is well versed in modern chemicals, materials, and equipment so that they can provide the highest levels of cleaning and disinfection with eco-friendly products that are safe to use around your employees.

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