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Open for Business! Commercial Disinfecting Services for a Clean and Safe Restart

As more and more states announce reopening schedules, businesses of all shapes and sizes prepare for the return of employees, visitors, and customers. Facilities managers and operations directors in charge of managing corporate and retail facilities now view commercial disinfecting services as Job One. Proactive companies are busy creating cleaning and disinfection plans as re-openings become a reality.

Cleaning and Disinfection Improves Your Safety and Peace of Mind

While many of us are starting to feel safer as more of our neighbors and associates are getting vaccinated, health and safety concerns are still real. Companies can benefit from a thoughtful approach that includes professional commercial disinfecting services.

How to Create a Cleaning and Disinfecting Plan

One way to combat confusion is to have a solid plan in place. Here are some tips to help you develop and communicate a plan that your employees and associates will trust.

Tip 1: Create Trust - Start with a Clean, Safe & Healthy Environment

When your location sparkles, you will enjoy the benefits of a safe and healthy environment.

Your cleaning and disinfection plan should consider how many people are expected on location and how much traffic will flow through high-touch areas.

If you do not know how to develop a protocol for basic cleaning and disinfecting, you may want to consult a professional cleaning company with experience and expertise. You’ll want to make sure that they have certified and trained professionals who have experience with cleaning and disinfecting.

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Tip 2: Communicate the Steps You Have Taken

For business owners and facilities managers getting ready for employees to return for work, it is about much more than just putting an “Open” sign on the front door. Everyone wants to know what precautions, such as the use of commercial disinfecting services, have been taken to keep your location safe and healthy.

Send an email to all employees. 

Your co-workers must know that their company cares about staying safe and healthy. We suggest sending an email to all employees that help them understand your corporate procedures and guidelines and your company’s efforts to elevate the level of cleanliness and disinfection.

Post signage in high traffic areas.

For now, the best policy is to make sure employees see that cleaning and sanitation efforts, including commercial disinfecting services, are essential to your company and are performed frequently.
The best resource to combat fear is knowledge. Once your employees know that you have a multi-faceted plan, they will be grateful—highlight areas, like bathrooms and kitchens receiving high-touch disinfection when you communicate your strategy.

Offer reminders to practice social distancing. When they see signage, they will know that your plan will help fight not only COVID-19 but more than a dozen types of dangerous germs and bacteria, which typically show up during flu season.

Tip 3: Clearly State Your Company Policies for Masks and Social Distancing. 

As more and more people get vaccinated and start to feel safe, there will be many different types of behavior. We recommend your company continue to follow the current CDC guidelines because there is just no way of knowing who is vaccinated and who isn't.

Talk to people around your office and make sure that your mask policy is accepted and comfortable for all. After all, you don't know who is safe and who may be spreading the virus.

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Tip 4: Have a Plan for Both Surface and Air Disinfection

Today commercial disinfecting services and many other technologies are being used to combat the spread of viruses. However, the fundamentals include simple soap and water that can be effective on certain surfaces. 

You should review the following list of options as you create your cleaning and disinfection plan. Understand the fundamentals (all effective means of combating bacteria and viruses require a cleaning service).

Your plan should include the basics and also take a look at new technologies and alternatives: 

Tip 5: Adapt to Changes in Your Office Space

The post-COVID-19 office will likely be different than what employees are used to in the past. Returning workers may experience plexiglass partitions and day porters who are on-site disinfecting high-touch areas.

Many companies have redesigned their offices to allow for split schedules and shared desktops to accommodate employees working on opposite days. Shared workstations will have their own cleaning and disinfection protocol.

Our Commercial Disinfecting Services Provide the Utmost Protection

As the fear of COVID-19 begins to pass, companies need to find the level of cleanliness and safety that fits their philosophy. Most companies feel better taking a conservative approach, but the important piece is to have a plan that feels right to you.

If you would like assistance creating a personalized plan for your business, contact us today. Our commercial disinfecting services will create a safer, healthier environment for all.

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