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The Importance of Window Cleaning for Businesses

Windows allow us to see the world around us, allowing everyone to see what the world has to offer. They bring in the sunshine and make the workplace feel brighter and more welcoming for both employees and customers. For retail locations, windows allow owners and managers to show off their merchandise. In short, windows are the eyes of your business’ soul, so why not ensure they sparkle and shine like the rest of your business?


This article will help you decide whether professional window cleaning is right for your business and what you can expect when working with a reputable cleaning company like Imperial Cleaners. From crafting a schedule to coming up with what services you will need for your business, we are with you every step of the way. Read on to learn more about the importance of regular window cleaning for you and your business.

Creating a Commercial Window Cleaning Schedule

Most likely, you already have someone who comes in and cleans your windows for you. If you’re here, you’re likely looking for someone new to take over the job. Imperial Cleaning understands which is why we lay out our process for helping you decide what kind of cleaning you need as well as what you can expect from a good schedule.


The Benefits of Regular Window Cleaning

Window cleaning offers myriad benefits, including:


Longer lifespan – Did you know that cleaning windows means they will last longer? This is because cleaning them reduces the amount of wear and tear the window goes through! Rather than relying on a manufacturer’s warranty as a marker for replacement, proper cleaning can lead to windows that last much longer than manufacturers promise.


Take pride in your appearance – Let’s be honest, people do judge a book by its cover. They also judge your business by your windows. Now, we’re not saying that’s fair. You may have the world’s most amazing business and the best products, but if you have dirty windows, people are going to make a snap judgment on whether your business is someplace they want to go into. Clean windows show you take pride in your business's appearance as well as showcase what you have to offer customers.


Risk assessment – When windows are cleaned, you’re getting a second pair of eyes on them. Imperial Cleaning employees have experience with windows that far exceeds that of the average person, meaning we can see issues come up before they become big problems. This risk assessment is integral to helping increase the lifespan of your windows as well as allowing you to make changes before disaster strikes.


Better health – Windows is a hot spot for germs. Ever noticed flies in the dirt on the floor under a windowsill? Or seen dust build up on the sill? This grime makes you sick as it’s usually a combination of dirt, old skin cells, insects, and germs. If you’re getting sick, guess who else is getting sick as well…your customers! By keeping your windows clean, you can avoid making people ill as well as stay healthier yourself. Because of this, window cleaning is especially necessary during allergen-heavy months in the spring and summer.


Boost in productivity – Did you know clean windows boost productivity? This only happens when windows get properly cleaned, but it is worth noting that clean windows make for happier workers. When you have clean windows, you can get that freeing Spring Cleaning feeling all year long.


Consistency – Whether you have multiple business locations or one, regular window cleaning ensures consistency in your building’s appearance. Not only will customers know what to expect when they come into your business, but you will also know that your windows are always looking great.


Create the Schedule with Professionals

The easiest way to develop an effective commercial window cleaning schedule is to consult with the professionals at Imperial Cleaning. Imperial Cleaning’s window cleaning services specialize in delivering excellent, streamlined services. Our clients can easily contact us at any time to receive updates, create or change their schedules, and add-on services. Our professional insights and experience mean that we will know what tasks to include and when to complete them.


Rather than relying on chance, Imperial Cleaning will work with you to create a schedule that works for your business(es) and employees. Whether you need us to come in during working hours to get your windows clean or would prefer it get completed before you open or after you close, we work with you to find the right schedule for your business. Furthermore, we also will help you decide which services you need to ensure that your business gets regularly cleaned in the best way possible. All businesses have different window cleaning needs, and we can tell you exactly what you need to get clean windows. 


However, if you already know what schedule you would like, that works too. We can accommodate most pre-existing schedules to ensure your business is able to move forward right on schedule. Imperial Cleaning knows that replacing your established window cleaning provider may feel like a difficult adjustment, but we are dedicated to making the transition as easy as possible for you while delivering extraordinary results you will love.


What to Consider When Making the Schedule

As you create your cleaning schedule for the windows, you will want to consider the following factors:


Type of building – If the facility you manage is a low-traffic retail store or office, every four to eight weeks is a good interval for cleaning. If you manage healthcare facilities or a high-traffic retail space, clean the windows every two to four weeks. Inside windows may need to be cleaned more often, but we will discuss your options with you to ensure the best job gets completed.


Type of business – Let’s be honest, your business dictates a lot of your maintenance decisions. For example, healthcare companies need to have their rooms cleaned (including windows) more often than those in other fields. Rather than relying on the same cleaning schedule as a food place next door, healthcare environments will need cleaning extremely regularly. Your business type will affect a lot of your cleaning decisions.


Building location – Busy urban areas and buildings near open fields, forests, or farmland will require cleaning much more often than a business near the suburbs. When Imperial Cleaning discusses your cleaning plan with you, we will talk about your location to ensure you get the best cleaning schedule for your business.


Landscaping – Flower beds and trees look great, but they also bring in more allergens, dirt, and germs. This doesn’t mean you should rip these items out. After all, they make your business look welcoming and friendly as well as allow you to create a wonderful experience for your employees, clients, and guests. However, they will necessitate you getting your windows cleaned slightly more frequently than what you would need to do if they weren’t in your front yard.


Weather and seasons – If you live in an area with a lot of flowering plants, you can expect the pollen to build up on your windows quite quickly. Farmland can bring in large amounts of dirt and pollen as well while rain brings grime to windows. The experts at Imperial Cleaning will work with you to see which environmental factors are affecting your building and how you can get cleaner windows for longer even when dealing with them.


As a rule of thumb, you should expect to clean your windows at least 4 times a year. This will get rid of a lot of built-up grime and allow you to showcase your business in the best light. However, most businesses will need more frequent window cleaning because they are not in an “ideal” setting for their windows. Rather than waiting, we recommend getting windows cleaned once every 6-8 weeks to ensure your business constantly looks great on both the inside and the outside.


What Should Be on Your Commercial Glass Cleaning Checklist

The above factors will help you determine exactly how often to clean your windows. We will guide you through this process as well, meaning we can come up with the perfect schedule for your windows. However, you’re probably wondering what exactly we will be doing every 6-8 weeks. We’re glad you asked! The following are some of the specific tasks we complete on each window cleaning job:

  • Dusting windowsills
  • Dusting window coverings (blinds, curtains, etc.)
  • Cleaning the interior of the windows (this may need to be completed more frequently)
  • Cleaning the exterior
  • Polishing the glass


Cleaning windows is integral for your business’ success, and it’s important you know how often to clean your windows. Imperial Cleaning is dedicated to ensuring you have clean windows all year long by offering you customized service plans that will allow your windows to sparkle and shine throughout the year. Want to learn more about Imperial Cleaning’s window cleaning services? Contact us online to schedule a walk-through or call us at 1-877-932-5326.

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