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Disinfecting Tips to Keep Employees Healthy as NY Continues to Reopen


As New York and Long Island continue to make progress moving through the reopening phases, it’s important to remember that the coronavirus is still around. While things may seem to be getting back to normal and more employees are returning to the office every day, it’s important to make sure you continue to disinfect frequently and follow recommended guidelines from the CDC. Here are some more disinfecting tips so you can continue keeping your employees safe and healthy.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

Although cleaning and disinfecting may seem synonymous, they are actually very different. Cleaning is when you remove germs or dirt from surfaces but do not kill them. While cleaning is beneficial, it is not enough these days.

In order to ensure that your office is safe for employees to return every day, you must disinfect. When you disinfect a surface, you are using chemicals to effectively kill germs and reduce the ability for them to spread to other surfaces or people.

This reduces the chances of employees getting sick and causing illness to spread throughout the office.

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Important Disinfecting Tips

The Best Cleaning Products to Kill Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a virus unlike any we have ever seen before. While there is still much to learn about, there are approved EPA-Registered disinfectant products to help eradicate coronavirus from surfaces:

  1. Bleach
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)
  3. Isopropyl Alcohol (with 70% or greater alcohol)

Constantly wiping down high-touch areas with products that include these EPA-Registered disinfectants will allow you to keep all employees healthy and safe from deadly pathogens while they are returning to the office.

At Imperial Cleaning, one technique we use is Electrostatic Spray of Disinfectant to help eradicate harmful bacteria from offices. This spray consists of electrically charged liquid droplets of safe disinfectant and antimicrobial solutions. It is up to 99.8% effective in killing deadly pathogens and will continue to protect for up to 90 days. The positively charged particles in the mist are attracted to negatively charged exposed surfaces, creating strong bonds that provide exceptional protection for any office.

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Areas You Don’t Want to Forget About

High-touch areas, such as doorknobs and handrails, are often focused on when it comes to disinfecting. But what about the places you don’t think about as often? Soft surfaces such as carpets, couches and rugs can also carry deadly pathogens that can be harmful to an office. By using the appropriate soft surface cleaner and disinfectant as well as following any manufacturer instructions, you can rid your office of any hidden harmful viruses or bacteria.

An office should be both cleaned and disinfected regularly. The high-touch areas should be disinfected daily while other areas in your office can be addressed every other day. With a thorough disinfecting of your entire office, you’ll have a much better chance of keeping your employees and office clean, healthy, and safe.

If you want to make sure that your office properly disinfected, contact Imperial Cleaning.

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