How Medical Facilities Benefit from Disinfecting Services

Medical facilities are one of the places that can most benefit from professional disinfecting services. By creating a safe and healthy environment, you can show your patients, staff, and visitors how much you care about them.

3 Reasons to Get Your Medical Facility Disinfected Today

1)      Health and Safety

Today, medical facilities are expected to have higher standards of disinfection. With continuous concerns about the coronavirus, the quality of the disinfectants used in your health care facility matters now more than ever.

Professional disinfecting can include Antimicrobial Protection and Electrostatic Spraying, to provide superior protection and safeguard health and wellness.

2)      Patient Satisfaction

Your medical facility works tirelessly every day to provide quality care. The last thing you want to do is jeopardize patient satisfaction with something as simple as the quality of your disinfecting.

From the waiting room to the examination room, thorough disinfecting appointments can help you to provide a safer, more comfortable environment. As a result, you will be able to focus on caring for your patients and improving their level of satisfaction.

3)      Compliance

The health care industry has many standards, including those set forth by the CDC, that apply to the condition of medical facilities. In light of the recent coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to be doing everything possible to meet or exceed recommended health and safety guidelines.

With professional disinfecting services, like Antimicrobial Protection, you can provide the safe, healthy environment that makes everyone feel comfortable.

Imperial Cleaning specializes in medical facilities disinfecting.

Imperial Cleaning Creates Healthy, Safe Medical Facilities

Imperial Cleaning is an industry leader that has the resources, experience, and equipment necessary to provide the highest standard of disinfection for many types of medical facilities, including:

  • Doctors’ and dentist’s offices
  • Professional medical offices and buildings
  • Labs, pharmacies, and dialysis centers
  • Research, medical, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospice centers
  • Daycare and child development centers

Our Professional Disinfecting Services

Imperial Cleaning is aware that every medical environment is different. We offer a variety of services and can create a customized disinfection plan that will fit the needs and goals of your medical facility.

Electrostatic Spray of Disinfectant

One method of disinfecting used to safeguard indoor areas, like waiting rooms or examination rooms is Electrostatic Spraying. This special equipment allows the technician to spray electrically charged liquid droplets of safe disinfectant and antimicrobial solutions that are up to 99.8% effective in killing germs, bacteria, and deadly pathogens. The positively charged particles in the mist are attracted to negatively charged exposed surfaces, creating strong bonds that provide exceptional protection for up to 90 days.

Antimicrobial Protection

Antimicrobial Protection is a long-lasting type of disinfectant that aggressively adheres to surfaces, preventing cross-contamination for up to 90 days after it is applied. It also will not wash away or quickly deactivate once sprayed on the surfaces of your medical facility.

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Imperial Cleaning is your partner in disinfecting. When you choose us, you are doing everything that you can to achieve the highest level of disinfection for your patients, staff, and visitors. We are an industry leader who has the resources, experience, and equipment necessary to provide you with the best in disinfecting protection.

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