How Professional Surface Disinfecting Benefits Your Building

Throughout the workday, bacteria and viruses tend to collect on high-touch surfaces, like door handles and keyboards, found throughout commercial buildings. Instead of letting germs accumulate, get them eliminated with professional surface disinfecting, and start enjoying the benefits of a healthier, safer working environment.

Creating Healthy and Safe Working Environments

Even if a surface or object appears to be clean, there’s a good chance it is covered with a layer of invisible germs. Without the application of a disinfecting agent, frequently touched surfaces could spread bacteria and viruses from person to person.

Although every surface is sprayed thoroughly during a professional disinfecting appointment, more attention is typically paid to high-touch surfaces, like these:

  • Doorknobs, handles, and handrails
  • Light switches
  • Tables, countertops, and desks
  • Phones, keyboards, and mice
  • Toilets, faucets, and sinks
  • Elevator buttons
  • Touch screens

Since every building is different, the most frequently touched surfaces in one location may vary from one building to another.

Surface disinfecting services are available of businesses.

Powerful Professional Disinfecting Services from Imperial

Today, more than ever before, a healthy, clean, and safe environment is vital to the success of your business. It can influence everything from productivity to employee satisfaction. To protect their people, many companies are signing up for professional disinfecting services, which are highly effective at eradicating germs.

Electrostatic Spray of Disinfectant

An Electrostatic Spray of Disinfectant kills the types of bacteria and viruses, which can quickly spread infection through an office. It works by applying a small electric charge to liquid droplets as they pass through a sprayer. These charged droplets are then attracted to surrounding surfaces, providing uniform disinfecting coverage. The spraying process creates a wraparound mist that covers even hard-to-reach places, such as the underside of a chair.

Antimicrobial Protection

Another type of professional disinfectant known for the powerful long-lasting protection it can provide commercial and residential spaces is called Antimicrobial Protection.

The sprayed solution forms an invisible coating that kills the bacteria and viruses and provides prolonged protection from recontamination for up to 90 days. Once Antimicrobial Protection is sprayed, it will not wash away or quickly deactivate, like many basic types of disinfectants will.

This long-lasting type of disinfecting agent will not only safeguard everyone in your building from the spread of infection, it will also provide much-need peace of mind at a sensitive time.

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