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The Hidden Health Benefits of a Clean and Disinfected Office Space

Your office space is one of the first things that visitors, customers and potential employees notice when they arrive at your company. Research indicates that you only have seven seconds to create a solid first impression.

When your employees arrive, the cleanliness and overall appearance of the office spaces sets the tone for their entire day. They can focus better on their work when they know that all their workspaces have been properly cleaned and disinfected.

If you’re struggling to keep your office space looking neat or have concerns about eradicating disease-causing germs, outsourcing the job to a commercial cleaning service like Imperial Cleaning ensures that everything is properly cleaned and disinfected.

Check out a few of the hidden health benefits of a clean office space for your company.

Learn about the benefits of clean office spacesA Clean Office Space Reduces Absenteeism

The average office desk has more than 10 million bacteria. While some of these bacteria are harmless, others can cause illness.

Office spaces accumulate germs throughout the day, as your workers touch different surfaces and interact with one another. Utilizing a professional cleaning service will help you get workplace germs under control so that your workers aren’t exposed to illness and disease.

Once a worker is infected, they may inadvertently transmit their illness to other workers before they’re even aware that they’re sick. Before you know it, one absent worker leads to four or five absent workers.

Ensuring that employee workspaces are appropriately cleaned will reduce the amount of germs and decreased the amount of illness-related absences.

Employee Productivity Increases When They’re Working in a Clean, Organized Space

A dirty, cluttered environment is more than a health hazard; it also makes it difficult for your employees to efficiently do their jobs.

When employees are concerned about germs, they may spend time sanitizing their workspaces themselves. This interrupts their focus and distracts them from their job-related tasks.

They may also lose time sifting through stacks of papers and supplies to locate what they need. Or, the sight of a grimy, unattractive work space may damper your employees’ moods and impact their focus and productivity.

Though hiring a commercial cleaning service is an additional expense, the increase in employee productivity and morale will quickly offset the cost.

Imperial creates clean office spaces

Clean Work Areas Boost Your Office’s Overall Energy Level

The average worker spends 8 to 10 hours at the office. When they’re surrounded by a chaotic, dirty environment, this puts a damper on their motivation and energy levels.

Maintaining a clean office space is a simple, effective way to maximize your office’s energy levels. Not only is a clean workspace essential for creating a lively, inviting atmosphere, but it helps your employees improve their health.

When the body is exposed to germs, these germs try to infect your healthy cells. Your body’s immune system will work to combat the illness. This means that cells throughout the whole body are stressed and working to fight off sickness.

Your employees will feel tired and have less energy due to the cellular response that occurs when they’re exposed to pathogens. The body can do a better job of fighting off germs when it’s resting. Employees will feel sleepy and rundown because their bodies want them to rest.

Even if they don’t get sick, the extra work that their bodies have to do to combat the illness will reduce their energy levels.

Output from Shared Workspaces Will Increase

Shared workspaces are an excellent way to enhance employee communication and boost employee productivity. Maximize the benefits of your shared workspaces by ensuring that the spaces are clean.

Clean spaces make it easier for employees to do their work, and instead of spending time wiping surfaces or moving clutter, they can begin their collaboration.

Employees Will Feel Valued and Appreciated

Employees who feel valued experience better mental and physical health. They’re also more likely to feel satisfied with their jobs and have the motivation and drive to do a good job when completing their workplace duties.

Creating a clean office space is an easy way to help your employees feel more appreciated. When employees are expected to work in dirty offices, they feel like their employer doesn’t care about their health and well-being.

They may feel like the employer sees them as a source of labor and nothing more. It’s hard to get motivated when working in such a drab environment.

Safe working conditions, like a clean office space, help employees feel safe and secure while they’re at their workplace. When employees feel like their employer values their lives, health, and overall wellbeing, they’re more likely to put forth their best efforts during their time on the job.

Enjoy a clean office space with us

A Sparkling Clean Space Offers a Fantastic First Impression

There are few things that deter prospective customers and employees like a dirty office space. Potential employees see what kind of conditions they’ll be working in, giving them little incentive to work for your company.

Customers who see a filthy office space are likely to have concerns about the cleanliness of your company.

While cleanliness may be less of a concern for some industries, if your company handles food, food products, medical supplies, or offers certain services that require proper sanitation procedures, having one client see a dirty office can have long-term negative implications for your company.

Once you have a reputation for disregarding cleanliness, it’s hard to rebuild your business’s reputability and improve the perception of your company.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service helps you keep all your office spaces sparkling clean so that you’re always prepared for potential clients or employees.

Or, if your company conducts random inspections to evaluate your office’s housekeeping procedures, you can rest easy knowing that your office spaces are always properly cleaned with supplies and procedures that are proven to kill germs.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let a grubby office interfere with the health, happiness, and satisfaction of your employees and customers. Contact Imperial Cleaning today to request your estimate!

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