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How a Retail Cleaning Company Improves Customer Dwell Time

Studies report that the longer a person remains in a specific area or at a display in a store, the more they are likely to purchase something. Research suggests that a one percent increase in dwell time results in a 1.3 percent boost in sales. For example, let’s say the average customer spends 30 minutes in your retail store and spends an average of $100 on your products. If customers stay only six minutes longer, they’ll spend an average of $26 more. Learn more about this trend and how a professional retail cleaning company will boost all-important customer dwell times.

Today’s Shoppers are Flocking to Cleaner Retail Stores

You want to keep your customers in your store longer to boost your sales, but you aren’t sure how to effectively increase your customer dwell time. Multiple practices aim to improve customer dwell time, like playing specific music or adding product demonstrations. However, a surprisingly simple way to get customers to stay longer is enhancing the appearance of your store. 

Though a clean store was important in pre-COVID times, COVID-19 has turned a retail store’s cleanliness into a high priority item.

Customers Value an Environment That Protects Against COVID-19

While customers are unique in managing their COVID-19 transmission risk, they prefer retailers that utilize advanced cleaning and disinfecting technologies to remove germs from surfaces and touchpoints.

Infection control services from a retail cleaning company allow your store to create an environment that minimizes the transmission of COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Customers who are unsure about shopping in-store or may prefer to limit their shopping times are likely to increase their dwell times when they feel safer. You can even communicate your company’s advanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols via signage or a newsletter. 

A professional retail cleaning company improves dwell time

Visible Cleaning Teams Increase Customer Confidence

When a store claims to follow strict cleaning protocols but fails to have any type of cleaning team on-sight during customer hours, customers may doubt their claims. Hiring a retail cleaning service that sanitizes surfaces and maintains shopper areas can assuage customer concerns.

However, it’s essential to ensure that Custodial Technicians won’t interfere with the customer experience. Opting for an experienced company, like Imperial Cleaning, will ensure that your cleaners follow your policies and procedures. We communicate your values and preferences to your cleaning team so that their behavior aligns with your company’s image. 

Thorough Cleaning Helps Touchpoints Remain Open

Touchpoints are a proven way to boost customer dwell times. Customers who can interact with your products or services are likely to stay in your store longer and are more likely to make a purchase (or increase their purchase).

Think of a bookstore that has cozy couches and chairs that practically invite shoppers to curl up with a potential purchase. Or, envision electronics stores with aisles that allow customers to try out the latest technology. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has presented challenges that make it difficult to offer a retail environment that’s sensory-driven safely. Regular touchpoint cleaning from a retail cleaning company can help you offer the best possible experience. 

Imperial Cleaning provides retail cleaning services that can be customized to your store’s environment, foot traffic patterns, and occupancy rates to create a routine that’s right for your store’s specific needs.

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Shoppers are Deterred by Dirty Spaces

A whopping 95 percent of shoppers state that an unclean retail environment (like dirty restrooms, spills on the floor, dusty shelves, or grimy shopping carts) impacts their shopping decisions. 

It makes sense that customers who don’t feel comfortable want to leave as quickly as possible. Why would they want to remain in an environment that looks dirty and uninviting?

A clean, well-kept store is aesthetically pleasing and creates an environment that the shopper wants to spend time in. 

Positive Shopper Experiences Increases Foot Traffic

Customers who have negative experiences at a specific retailer are likely to share their experiences with other potential shoppers. If a shopper encounters a retailer that appears germy and grimy, they’re going to share this experience with other potential shoppers. 

Likewise, suppose they notice that a retailer consistently maintains a clean space and works to sanitize surfaces. In that case, they’ll recommend the store to their friends and family members, potentially boosting the store’s foot traffic. 

Getting customers into your store is the first step to improving your customer dwell times. 

Clean Carts and Basket Enhance the In-Store Experience

Another proven method for increasing customer dwell time is providing customers with some type of tool (like a tote, shopping cart, or basket) to carry their potential purchases. Simply having a container with them encourages customers to “fill it up.” 

They’re also likely to purchase more when it’s easy and convenient to transport things throughout the store. When they’re struggling to carry their purchases, they’re less likely to linger in front of a display or browse through a specific section of the store. 

Heightened concerns about germs due to COVID-19 have led some customers to avoid touching surfaces, carts, or baskets when they do in-person shopping. If they see that your shopping tools are consistently cleaned and well-maintained, they’ll be more likely to use them. 

When you use the services of a retail cleaning company, you can cater their cleaning to your needs.

Clean Retail Spaces are Comforting to Your Employees

Your employees are valuable tools for increasing customer dwell times. Those who are satisfied with your customer service are more likely to shop in your store and consider it for their shopping needs. 

When employees build rapport with your customers, shoppers will likely stay longer and spend more money. It’s difficult for employees to provide a superb customer experience when concerned about their work environment.

If your customers don’t feel safe or valued, it is harder for them to enjoy a fantastic in-store experience consistently. Employees who know that they’re working in a clean, sanitized workspace feel more confident in their abilities to interact with customers.

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Using a Retail Cleaning Company Helps You Appeal to Customers’ Senses

A retailer that produces a shopping experience that appeals to all five senses is more likely to have longer customer dwell times. 

It isn’t sufficient to create a retail store that only appeals to sight, hearing, and smell. Satisfying the senses of touch can elevate the shopping experience to the next level. 

For example, if a customer touches a wall or shelf and it’s sticky (even if it looks clean), they’re likely to view the store differently or even leave. 

After all, how clean can the store be if there are sticky surfaces? If the store isn’t properly cleaning its surfaces, what else are they neglecting with their products or services?

Maintaining a retail clean space will ensure that customers feel confident about taking the time to slow down and browse a little more (thus increasing their dwell times). 

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