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How Professional Commercial Cleaning Services Protect Medical Facilities During Flu Season

Every year, the influenza virus causes more than 200,000 hospitalizations. For medical facilities, it’s essential to take special precautions to limit the spread of hospital-associated infections during flu season. Medical facilities across the country rely on professional commercial cleaning services to add an extra layer of protection against potentially dangerous viruses and bacteria.

A Cleaner Clean Promotes Health and Safety for All

While there's no way to eliminate the flu, medical facilities can take every precaution to reduce the risk to patients and employees. In this case, the most effective defense is a well-planned offense. Professional commercial cleaning services, such as scheduled cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, will help to promote health and safety in your facility during flu season.

Trained Cleaning Technicians Limit Flu Transmission

Trained and certified cleaning technicians know where germs and bacteria thrive. They will implement proven, proactive strategies that will minimize flu transmission. The employees and patients all benefit from a professional commercial cleaning service. Not only will your facility look clean, but invisible bacteria and harmful germs will be eliminated.

Microfiber Cloths

Professional commercial cleaning services include the use of colored microfiber cloths. The color-coded system prevents cross-contamination between different surfaces and ensures that only specific colors are used for specific tasks. For example, a rag that is used on a toilet will not be mistakenly used on a doorknob.

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HEPA Vacuums

Professional cleaning services use special HEPA filters in their vacuum cleaners to reduce airborne particles. They also regularly change mop heads to gather surface bacteria on floors. Perhaps, most importantly, a professional cleaner knows which chemicals to use and how to safely store them to ensure that they are effective and used as intended.


Team cleaning is another technique that professional commercial cleaning services use when cleaning medical facilities. The cleaning company will assign specific tasks to the cleaning technicians assigned to the job. One person will vacuum, and another will clean the "hot spots" or high-use areas. This prevents cross-contamination.

Having specific duties means that the person who cleans the “hot spots” — frequently touched places like doorknobs and light switches — isn't using the same cloth to clean the inside of the microwave in the break room. Professional commercial cleaning teams know where these "hot spots" are and how to best handle them.

Professional commercial cleaning services for medical facilities

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services Specifically for Medical Facilities

Whether your objective is to reduce the risk of HAIs, or control influenza from spreading during the busy winter months, consider the advantages of relying on a professional cleaning team to help you maintain a clean and healthy medical facility.

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