Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company Can Make a Big Impact on the Reputation of Private Schools

Since school is a place where children spend a major part of their day, their health and security are of paramount importance. In a close contact environment, the rapid accumulation of bacteria and other germs on the various surfaces is unavoidable. So, without the proper arrangement of sanitation, illnesses can spread rapidly within the premises.

This is where hiring a commercial cleaning company can play an important role in keeping the school environment clean and healthy. As a result, the parents and the teachers will have a lot less to worry about the children getting sick.

Let’s take a look at how professional school cleaning services can enhance the reputation of a private school.


Providing Superior Antimicrobial Protection

Confirming the COVID-19 public health standards requires providing superior cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning companies use trained personnel who are aware of the infection and contamination control measures

Besides, they use specialized equipment like electrostatic sprayers, including ionized misters and foggers. The special cleaning solutions used are CDC-approved virucides. They deliver 99.9% effectiveness against microbes and are non-corrosive and kid-friendly.

So, the dwell time is ultra-low, and no harm is done to the sensitive electronics. Not only is the cleaning method cost-effective, but it also delivers a long-lasting effect.

Moreover, the process of green cleaning reduces the environmental impact of the cleaning process. The process uses eco-friendly cleaning products like recycled fibers and microfiber cloths. Each step ensures that the impact on the environment is minimized.

The trained technicians are aware of the level of cleaning required in a school environment. That allows them to deliver the highest quality of service that the untrained janitorial staff cannot provide. As a result, even the worst cleaning nightmares can also be tackled without any hassles.


Thorough Cleaning

An important aspect of preventing contamination is a comprehensive cleaning process. A professional cleaning service ensures that there are no gaps in the process that can allow the germs to regrow.

All surfaces in the classroom that come into contact with the students and faculties are thoroughly cleaned. These include desks, chairs, computers, walls, door handles, light switches, cabinets, and trash receptacles.

Other high-touch surfaces in common spaces, cafeterias, and lunch areas are also cleaned thoroughly. In addition, surfaces like toilets, urinals, sinks, fixtures, showers, countertops, and faucets in the restrooms are also disinfected.

A thorough cleaning not only eliminates pathogens, but the special vacuum filtration technology removes dust, mites, and molds. As a result, there are fewer incidences of allergy or asthma among the students.


Keeping the School Clean

One of the first aspects that speak about a private/charter school is its appearance. And keeping the school building clean and well-maintained goes a long way in preserving a positive environment. Students will thrive and perform better in a clean and hygienic environment.

Once the parents know that the school cares about the health and well-being of the children, they have more confidence in the school management. So, they are more likely to help out with school affairs. This creates a positive environment for the teachers and other visitors. As a result, there is a better work environment with a smaller number of sick days.

Likewise, a clean environment also has a positive effect on the learning process. Students are less likely to fall sick and skip school days. This results in better performance and higher concentration levels in the class. Also, children growing up in a clean environment are more likely to carry this habit in other areas of their life.

By using professional school disinfecting services, the school management can rest assured that every detail of the cleaning process is being taken into account.


Bottom-Line Cost Reduction

Meeting the COVID-19 safety protocols requires the latest cleaning technology. By taking the help of professional school cleaning services, the school authorities need not invest in expensive cleaning equipment. There is no need to worry about buying and storing cleaning products either.

Moreover, the school can arrange the cleaning process based on a convenient schedule. Any need for deep cleaning sessions during holidays or other special occasions can also be handled by the professional team. On the whole, this results in a hassle-free cleaning solution and considerable bottom-line savings.


The Need for School Cleaning and Disinfecting Services: Final Thoughts

A spotlessly clean educational environment is not just a healthy choice. It also generates a strong sense of school pride among the students. For any charter/private school, this results in a boost in the overall image of the school.

A professional cleaning service will help in getting rid of dirty, disorganized classrooms and keep the school building sanitized at a professional level. With customizable services, assured quality, and top-notch customer service, you can depend on them to deliver the best cleaning services at all times.


The Best Cleaning Service for Your School

If your school is ready to make the switch to a professional cleaning service, check out our expert cleaners at Imperial Cleaning. We have an elite staff of commercial cleaners that are constantly setting new standards for health and safety. With our thorough and sustainable cleaning methods, your students can thrive in a clean and healthy environment. Schedule a walk-through online or call us at 1-877-932-5326.

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