What's the Best Way to Keep Your School Clean?

Everyone can agree that keeping a school clean and safe for students' health is a high priority. In fact, studies show that students learn better in cleaner environments. But what's the best way to keep a school running like a well-cleaned machine?

Many schools employ their own in-house janitorial staff. School janitors are usually on-hand during school hours and even a few hours after school ends. But cleaning a school is a daunting task; is an in-house janitor the best option for optimal cleanliness?

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Some schools have made the transition to a professional cleaning service that comes to the school after hours, once or twice a week, depending on the school's needs. With a renewed desire for clean, disinfected spaces since the Covid-19 pandemic, now is the time to reconsider our cleaning practices. Could a professional cleaning service be better for your students than an in-house janitorial staff?

Pros of an In-House Janitorial Staff

There are a few perks to having a traditional in-house cleaning crew. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is having someone on-site during school hours. Accidents happen frequently with children, meaning spills and other messes are not uncommon. It's extremely helpful to have someone on hand who can deal with those messes in real-time, as they occur.

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Another perk of having an in-house cleaning staff is that, as the person hiring, you have complete control over how you want the job performed. Things like scheduling, cleaning methods, and even products used all fall under your purview. If school administrators have strong opinions about these aspects, then having an in-house crew might be the best option.

Cons of an In-House Cleaning Crew

However, some people find that the responsibility of an in-house cleaning crew is far too much. If anything happens, you are the responsible party. For instance, if someone on the cleaning staff breaks something, or if there's an accident involving the students, the school's insurance must cover it.

Additionally, with an in-house staff, the school is responsible for providing all the cleaning equipment and products used. This can become very costly over time. Even if you save money by buying cheap products in bulk, equipment like vacuums and floor cleaners can be very expensive to maintain. When something inevitably breaks down, it's up to you to fix it or buy something new.

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Besides those additional costs, there is the overwhelming cost of adding people to the payroll. In-house staff must be paid a salary or hourly wage in order to be on-site, even if their services weren't needed for much of that time. Full-time employees also require benefits like health insurance, workers' compensation, 401ks, medicare, social security paid holidays, or sick days. All of these extra costs can really add up over time.

Pros of a Professional Cleaning Service

As it turns out, many schools are making the change to professional cleaning services. There are quite a few money-saving perks, as well as benefits to overall health and safety.

Professional cleaning services provide all their own equipment and products, saving the school money and time that they would've otherwise spent planning and organizing said products and equipment. This can be a huge relief for school administrators.

Professional cleaning services also take the pressure off when it comes to liability. They carry their own insurance, meaning that if any accidents occur during their working hours, the school is off the hook. Cleaning companies usually prove to be more reliable and thorough, knowing that they are responsible if anything goes wrong or if the client isn't happy.

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Schools can save a lot of money by hiring a professional service by cutting out the costs of adding someone to the payroll. Employee benefits like healthcare, social security, and sick days are covered by the cleaning company.


Extra Perks of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Having a professional cleaning service rather than an in-house janitorial staff can save so much time and money that would be better spent on the students. Professional services offer the best in green cleaning products, ensuring a much safer learning environment. Students and teaching staff can rest assured knowing that they are breathing in air that isn't polluted by harsh chemicals and sharing spaces that have been thoroughly disinfected.

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School administrators can schedule the cleaning company to come as often as they need, on a schedule that works for them.

The Best Cleaning Service for Your School

If your school is ready to make the switch to a professional cleaning service, check out our expert cleaners at Imperial Cleaning. We have an elite staff of commercial cleaners that are constantly setting new standards for health and safety. With our thorough and sustainable cleaning methods, your students can thrive in a clean and healthy environment. Schedule a walk-through online or call us at 1-877-932-5326.


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