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Using EPA Approved Disinfectants Earns Your School an "A" in Safety

Now that school is back in session disinfecting surfaces is at the top of every administrator’s to-do list. If you are considering solutions for your school, it’s important to learn that not all disinfectants are the same. EPA approved disinfectants,

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Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

If you are shopping around for a new office cleaning service, it’s likely you have a lot of questions. But, do you know the right ones to ask an office cleaning company? To help you find the perfect commercial cleaning company, Imperial Cleaning created

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Smart and Safe Classroom Disinfecting Tips for Teachers

Regular disinfecting is one of the most effective methods for limiting exposure to bacteria, viruses, and deadly pathogens inside schools. Our Antimicrobial Protection offers long-lasting protection for schools that are a common sense precaution for

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Medical Disinfection Services Provide Added Protection for Essential Workers

In addition to proper PPE and enhanced hand hygiene, surface disinfection is key to slowing the spread of illness and infection. As part of a comprehensive strategy, medical disinfection is a critical part of safeguarding the essential workers who are

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New York State’s Official Guidance for School Disinfecting

Now that Governor Andrew Cuomo has given the green light to reopen schools in New York, it’s time to finalize your educational facility’s strategy to keep students and staff safe this year. In response to COVID-19, the New York State Department of Health

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How Medical Facilities Benefit from Disinfecting Services

Medical facilities are one of the places that can most benefit from professional disinfecting services. By creating a safe and healthy environment, you can show your patients, staff, and visitors how much you care about them.

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How Professional Surface Disinfecting Benefits Your Building

Throughout the workday, bacteria and viruses tend to collect on high-touch surfaces, like door handles and keyboards, found throughout commercial buildings. Instead of letting germs accumulate, get them eliminated with professional surface disinfecting,

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How Antimicrobial Solutions Work to Kill Bacteria and Viruses

When it comes to killing bacteria and viruses, Antimicrobial Protection is one of the most effective disinfecting services available today. Sprayed uniformly across surfaces, antimicrobial solutions have unique powers that are unlike those of traditional

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Virus Disinfectant Sprayings Provide Long Lasting Office Protection

With the recent spike in coronavirus cases, the spread of germs in office environments has become a serious concern for every business owner. Whether your office space is fully operational right now or not, consider the benefits of these two types of

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FAQs about Coronavirus in the Workplace

Currently, the owners of essential businesses are being forced to consider the best ways to address concerns of coronavirus in the workplace. But before going nuts wiping down every surface in your building, learn some of the facts.

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