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Our National Cleaning Company Has All of Your Business Sites Covered

Many businesses have multiple locations, often scattered across the country, that require cleaning services. Instead of hiring a different local cleaning company for each business location, hire a national cleaning company to service your multi-location business. There are numerous benefits associated with hiring a single national cleaning company to handle all of your business’s cleaning needs.

Why It’s Ideal to Use a Single Service Provider

A single cleaning service provider offers numerous advantages that make it an ideal option for a business that needs to service multiple sites.

Better Control Over the Quality and Consistency of Your Cleaning Services

One of the downsides associated with using multiple local cleaning services instead of a single national cleaning company is that each location will likely receive a different service level.

Even if you request the same services for each location, every cleaning company has its standards and procedures. This leads to inconsistent results that can impact the customer and employee experience.

It's jarring for a customer to enter a location and expect a space that's clean, organized, and well-maintained (due to their experience with a different location), only to meet a site that appears dirty and unkempt when compared to other locales. Not only does this damage the customer's experience, but it can cause the customer to re-evaluate whether they want to patronize your company.

Instead, the customer should be able to enter any of your business's locations knowing that a clean, organized, healthy space is waiting for them.

By sticking with a national cleaning company, you know that the cleaning service follows the same cleaning standards and guidelines for each location. These standardized cleaning procedures promote a healthy, safe environment that will become synonymous with your brand.

Lower and More Consistent Cleaning Expenses

Another disadvantage of hiring multiple cleaning services is that this leads to variable cleaning expenses that are difficult to track and budget.

Using a single nationwide cleaning company allows you to work with a single cleaning service provider; this enables your company to save money and better budget for your cleaning costs.

You'll always know what your cleaning costs will be and what services are included with a session. The costs are always transparent and consistent if you require additional periodic services.

More Transparency About the Cleaning Activities at Each Site

When you use a single national cleaning company, all the cleaning and maintenance activities for each service site are viewable via a single service provider. This makes it significantly faster and more convenient for you to monitor the cleaning services for all your business sites.

Instead of having to check a different service page for each location, you only need to access one portal that uses the same reporting standards for all your sites.

How Imperial Cleaning Can Enhance Your Cleaning Services

At Imperial Cleaning, we understand the importance of offering a client or customer experience that's consistently exceptional at all your business's locations. A business with persistently clean and safe facilities is more appealing than a company with locations that are hit-or-miss in terms of their cleanliness.

We also offer multiple tools to make it faster and more convenient for our multi-location clients to monitor their cleaning services:

  • A customer self-service portal (CSS): Our CSS enables your management to view all your cleaning activities across all of your locations. You can use the CSS to put in a work order, view the status of a work order, review upcoming cleaning services, and track additional cleaning services. For example, if your facilities need occasional window cleaning, you may use the CSS to request and monitor the progress of this service.
  • A Smart Inspection app: We encourage our clients to use the Smart Inspection app to confirm that your cleaning service meets or exceeds your expectations. You can also use the app to provide feedback or comments about your cleaning. Imperial Cleaning always delivers fast, responsive customer service to our clients to enhance the customer experience.
  • Centralized reporting: Centralized reporting makes monitoring your multi-location cleaning services faster and easier, helping you put more time into your day.

If you use a service portal like Service Connect, a national provider like Imperial Cleaning is more efficient at handling your service needs.

Start Working with Imperial Cleaning

Imperial Cleaning has more than 27 years of experience as a national cleaning company. We provide high-quality services that are catered to each client’s unique needs. Our team has knowledge and training that enables them to provide cleaning services with a consistent level of quality.

Contact us online to learn more about our multi-location cleaning services or call us at 1-877-932-5326.


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