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What to Expect During Your Thorough Dental Office Cleaning

Imperial Cleaning has experience providing high-quality cleaning services to various medical facilities, including dentist offices.

We understand that meticulously clean facilities are essential for creating and maintaining a solid reputation with existing and potential patients. So here's what you can expect during your dental office cleaning.

The Components of a Dental Office Cleaning

A dental office cleaning utilizes multiple cleaning procedures and techniques to ensure that every space will be cleaned to the same rigorous standards.

Certified and trained cleaning technicians understand what spots are likely to harbor germs and bacteria. These areas must be cleaned using effective cleaning strategies.

At Imperial Cleaning, we use the 5-step Imperial Shield Protection Program to provide our clients with an active germ shield for up to 90 days with no additional action on your part.

This innovative program combines our strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols with the use of the PRO-Techs antimicrobial shield. The PRO-Techs solution is 99 percent effective at preventing the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast. In addition, we can use the PRO-Techs solution on any surface; it only takes one application to secure 90 days of antimicrobial protection.

First, we inspect your dental office to identify the coverage areas that are ideal for treating with the PRO-Techs solution, including high-frequency touchpoints. Then, we'll swab priority areas to establish a baseline for your disinfectant needs.

Next, we use electrostatic sprays to kill invisible bacteria and germs so that your surfaces are properly disinfected. Then, we apply the PRO-Techs solution to provide up to 90 days of germ-fighting protection.

We'll then retest your priority areas to confirm that your contamination levels adhere to EPA guidelines and have experienced a significant decline in pathogens. In addition, our Imperial Shield program uses cleaning products that are non-toxic and odorless so that they don't harm or irritate your patients or staff members.

All of our team members are extensively trained, and PRO-Techs certified. This ensures that our cleaners don't miss any critical treatment areas in your dental office.

In order to create the best experience for your patients, it's essential to confirm that all your office's spaces are meticulously cleaned. This includes patient restrooms, waiting rooms, entryways, and offices.

These spaces are often responsible for creating a patient's first impression of your dental facilities. Patients often assume that the rest of your dental office is neglected if these spaces are dirty. Your dental cleaning will ensure that these areas are cleaned with a high level of detail.

Products designed to remove maximum amounts of dirt and dust, like microfiber cleaning supplies and suitable cleaning solutions, are used to remove as much dust and dirt as possible.

HEPA filtration vacuums are frequently utilized to remove dirt and debris from the air in your dental office. When dirt and dust aren’t removed from the air, they settle on the surfaces in your dental office.

The Importance of Thorough Dentist Office Cleanings

Any facility that treats patients must ensure that all spaces generate a healthy, sanitized environment that's comforting to new and potential patients. Unclean areas deter your patients from using your dental office, impacting the growth and success of your dental office.

Many patients are concerned about healthcare-associated infections. Unfortunately, their concerns aren’t unfounded; approximately 2 million patients incur a healthcare-associated infection.

Spaces that are overlooked or incorrectly sanitized can put your patients at risk of illness. Patients can become severely ill when exposed to air or blood-borne pathogens. To promote a safe and healthy environment for your patients and your staff, thorough dentist office cleanings are non-negotiable.

Between 50 and 80 percent of adults in the US report that they experience some level of dental anxiety. Clean, well-maintained facilities effectively help your patients feel more at ease when receiving dental services.

Properly maintained facilities also smell better and create a more appealing dental office. Patients greeted with the smell of a strong anesthetic are more likely to feel uneasy when they go to the dentist's office.

Your staff members will also benefit from thorough dental office cleanings. In addition, clean workspaces can help reduce the transmission of germs in your office, reducing the number of illness-related absences.

Employees who work in clean, well-maintained facilities are likely to experience higher levels of employee satisfaction and increased productivity.

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Imperial Cleaning is an excellent option for your dental office's needs, with more than 25 years of experience providing first-class cleaning and maintenance services. We're dedicated to creating clean, sanitized spaces that guarantee your patients have a healthy, safe environment for their dental procedures.

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