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Reasons Why You Should Go Green with Your Janitorial Service

When we think of providing a comfortable and safe work environment, we rarely focus on the quality of cleaning products we use. We tend to think that if a space looks clean, then it is clean. But that's not exactly true.

A study published in the American Thoracic Society's American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine found that the consistent use of chemical cleaning sprays had the same health impact as smoking a whole pack of cigarettes daily. All told, if you aren't prioritizing the products used when cleaning your office, then you aren't prioritizing your employees' health and safety.


Reasons to Go Green

When it comes to switching over to environmentally sustainable cleaning products, there are numerous benefits. Although they mostly concern health and safety, there's a moral implication as well; companies who go the extra "green" mile are proving to their employees that they genuinely care about their well-being. Integrity, after all, means being of strong moral character, even when no one is looking.

Let's take a look at some of the most important reasons to switch to green cleaning.

Personal Health

The most commonly used cleaning products are filled with harsh chemicals that can cause serious damage to an individual's health when constantly exposed. A typical workplace is cleaned once a week or more, meaning that employees are breathing in these harsh chemicals on a daily basis. The long-term implications for this type of exposure are extreme; it's not uncommon for chemical cleaning products to contain harsh substances like formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and even asbestos. The EPA found that side effects from chemical cleaning products can include headaches, allergy irritation, and even asthma. If an employee already suffers from one or more of these issues, their reaction to harsh cleaners will be even stronger. Avoid these risks by investing in sustainable, non-toxic formulas for your office space.

Environmentally Friendly Products

In addition to protecting your employees' health, switching to green cleaning products has an environmental impact as well. Green products are biodegradable, non-toxic, and derived from nature. They are also typically available for bulk purchase. These sustainable manufacturing practices result in a far less negative impact on the environment. Green cleaning products produce less waste overall, and the waste that IS produced is usually biodegradable. The production of these products doesn't require the use of harsh chemicals, meaning the air stays cleaner and safer, and as if all that weren't enough, the use of sustainable ingredients means that precious, non-renewable resources aren't being removed from the earth. All in all, switching to green cleaning products is a huge win for the environment.

Better Air Quality

We've all experienced the discomfort of being stuck in small spaces filled with the scent of harsh chemicals. The smell can be overwhelming and completely overload the senses. If you have asthma or bad allergies, this experience is even worse. Chemical cleaners are full of synthetic fragrances that try (and fail) to mask the smell of chemicals. This results in headaches, sinus pressure, and even long-term respiratory issues. If your workplace is being regularly cleaned with chemical cleaning products, then your employees may be silently suffering. With green cleaning products, the fragrances are naturally-derived and chemical-free. You and your employees can enjoy a much fresher work environment, with fewer negative effects on your well-being.

How to Go Green in Your Workplace

Making the switch to green cleaning products doesn't have to be difficult. When purchasing products, look for brands that are biodegradable, non-toxic, derived from nature, and with no dyes or phosphates. If possible, buy products in bulk to save money and reduce your environmental footprint.

You can also create your own products with items that you already have at your disposal. Rubbing alcohol, vinegar, dish soap, and baking soda are all capable of effective, green cleaning when combined with water. If you'd like to add a subtle scent, essential oils are a safe way to enhance your products. Another pro-tip: Use washable microfiber cloths instead of paper towels to reduce waste.

Citrus-based products are a great alternative to normal cleaning products.

Hire Professionals

When it comes to thoroughly clean an office or workspace, your best bet is to hire a professional green cleaning service. By outsourcing the job to professionals, you can rest assured that your office is being properly cleaned on a regular basis, with sustainable, safe, and environmentally safe products.

Citrus-based products are a great alternative to normal cleaning products.

Your Eco-Friendly Cleaners

If you're ready to make the switch to green cleaning, look no further than Imperial Cleaning. With our professional commercial cleaning services, you'll get the best green products on the market without any sacrifice to your office's overall cleanliness. Your staff with be healthier and happier knowing that they work in a space that's safe for them and good for the environment. Call us today to schedule a walk-through at 1-877-932-5326, or connect with us online.

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