Why Post Construction Cleaning Services and The Benefits it Provides

After making it through a lengthy construction project, you want to get the space operational as quickly as possible. The sooner the building or renovated area is clean and gleaming, the faster you can bring in rental income or expand your operations.

Post-construction cleaning services are a wise investment to make the building functional as quickly as possible. Here's what you need to know about this essential cleaning service.

What is a Post Construction Cleaning Service?

A post-construction cleaning service is designed to remove all the various types of construction waste and clean or sanitize the space, so it's ready for use. Unfortunately, after a construction projection, there's usually a mess left behind, even after the construction crew completes their cleanup.

For example, you might find bottles, cigarette butts, and food wrappers scattered in the room. In addition, there are usually small amounts of construction debris (like nails, screws, and wood chips) and dust in the space.

Post-construction cleaning ensures that all this mess is removed from every nook and cranny of the construction site. It also focuses on removing dust and dirt from light fixtures, baseboards, and other horizontal surfaces where it tends to settle.

The Phases of a Post-Construction Cleaning

There are three phases of proper post-construction cleaning services. Each step is essential for ensuring that the construction site is clean, safe, and ready for occupants.

Phase 1: Rough Interior Cleaning

Phase 1 consists of in-depth cleaning that removes everything that doesn’t belong on the construction site.

Nails, screws, debris, food and beverage waste, and other remaining items will be removed from the space. After all items from the construction site are removed, the floors are cleaned and vacuumed. Any remaining stickers or markings from the construction job are also removed.

Phase 2: Space-by-Space Cleaning

Phase 2 is a detailed cleaning phase that focuses on vacuuming, sweeping, or dusting all the surfaces of your construction site. This phase eliminates any dust, dirt, and small particles on the construction site.

Any appliances or fixtures, like sinks, toilets, windows, and cabinets, are also thoroughly cleaned.

Phase 3: Touch-Up Cleaning

Phase 3 takes place a few days after phase 2 to give any remaining dirt and dust time to settle.

It includes any cleaning tasks required to confirm that the building is ready for tenants to occupy. This phase may include a final sweeping, dusting, or moping to ensure everything is sparkling.

The site will also be examined for imperfections, like smudges or fingerprints, that require cleaning to get the building looking its best.

Why is a Post-Construction Cleaning So Essential?

The construction process isn't complete until the construction site is cleaned up. A messy rental will deter a new tenant; even if the tenant ultimately decides to rent the space, you're not off to the best start in your relationship.

By confirming that the building is free of dust, debris, and other post-construction mess, you’re creating an excellent first impression with potential tenants. This means that your tenants are happier and sets the bar for a stellar maintenance experience.

Dirty spaces often take longer to rent, potentially impacting your profitability. In addition, an area filled with dust and other debris may even be a health risk that can cause illness and respiratory problems.

If any nails or screws remain at the construction site, this can cause an injury you're potentially liable for.

Hiring a professional company to complete your post-construction cleaning helps you get the site clean and inhabitable as quickly as possible. Attempting to do your construction site cleaning may seem like a great way to lower your costs, but the process is meticulous and time-consuming.

It usually requires more work and equipment than expected. You also have to check every portion of the building to confirm that all the construction mess has been properly cleaned.

How Imperial Cleaning Makes Construction Cleaning Sites Safe, Healthy, and Clean

Imperial Cleaning has the experience, training, and equipment to complete your post-construction cleaning. We know what type of equipment and cleaning supplies are safe or ideal to use on specific surfaces; an inexperienced cleaning company may use the wrong equipment or cleaning technique and damage your new facilities.

We understand that a post-construction cleaning demands excellent attention to detail. Our team knows what areas are frequently overlooked during a post-construction cleaning and uses effective cleaning techniques to remove dirt and dust from every surface.

How to Schedule Your Post-Construction Cleaning

A professional post-construction cleaning eliminates construction-related mess and creates a space that meets or exceeds your client's expectations.

Need to schedule post-construction cleaning for your building or facilities? Contact Imperial Cleaning at 1-877-932-5326 or visit us online to request an estimate.

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