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The Art to Museum and Gallery Cleaning

While any business needs strict cleaning standards to preserve its reputation and uphold its brand, art galleries and museums have unique characteristics that make regularly scheduled cleaning services essential.

Thorough gallery cleaning procedures ensure a museum creates an excellent impression with visitors and potential benefactors. Strict cleaning guidelines also help a museum with protecting its collections.

Imperial Cleaning has more than 25 years of experience providing art galleries and museums with high-quality, detail-orientated gallery cleaning. Here’s what you need to know about the art of museum and gallery cleaning.

A Museum Has Distinct Areas That Need Consistent Cleaning Services

Different areas in a museum should be included in your cleaning regimen. Each area has needs that influence the cleaning procedures and schedule used in the space.

The Museum’s Public Spaces

Museums and art galleries have public spaces that customers, supporters, donors, and other benefactors will frequently access. These spaces include entryways, hallways, public restrooms, shared eating spaces, and rooms used for lectures or meetings.

There are also areas used primarily by employees, like breakrooms, staff restrooms, and offices, that need regular cleaning services.

Keeping these spaces clean, organized, and well-maintained is an effective solution for ensuring that your museum works to create a stellar first impression from the moment someone enters your museum.

A clean museum also creates a healthy, productive work environment for its employees.

Suppose a museum has a dirty entryway or grimy bathrooms. In that case, this conveys that your facility doesn't value its visitors and employees and even skimps on following proper cleaning and maintenance procedures that create a safe environment for valuable works of art.

The Display and Storage Areas

The areas where exhibits and collections are displayed or stored require strict cleaning standards to preserve your museum’s pieces. Future donors are unlikely to loan their collection to a museum that doesn’t keep these areas in top-notch condition.

In areas that house artwork, high dusting services are needed to remove dust, dirt, and bacteria from the entire room. High dusting is cleaning areas 16 feet or taller, such as the ceiling, security camera lenses, air vents, rafters, and walls.

A professional cleaning team is necessary for high dusting procedures for safety reasons and to confirm that dust is properly removed from every surface.

Due to poor cleaning procedures, dirt and dust buildup lead to display areas that can damage valuable collections and even attract pests that may destroy the artwork.

Regular Cleaning Services Increase the Appeal of Your Museum

Regular cleaning services that follow detail-orientated cleaning procedures are a smart investment to make your museum more appealing.

Visitors like to spend time in spaces that are clean and aesthetically pleasing; a clean museum is a safe, inviting spot for visitors to spend their time.

Clean museums are also more attractive to prospective donors and benefactors. These individuals want to support facilities that value their exhibits and visitors.

A clean museum shows that you value the health and safety of your visitors and will show the same care to any pieces that are on loan to your facility.

Stakeholders and donors are more likely to support your museum in the future, allowing you to continue to increase your museum’s appeal by offering new displays or exhibits for visitors to enjoy.

Many Areas in a Museum Require Specific Cleaning Procedures

The spaces within your museum require strict cleaning procedures to create an environment that won’t damage your exhibits.

Dust is a considerable danger to many of these exhibits. To keep dust at bay, keeping the rest of your museum clean is essential, as dust from other areas can easily migrate to your display or storage areas.

Even the various surfaces in your museum have unique cleaning needs. For example, the chemicals and equipment used to clean marble or wood surfaces differ from those used to clean carpeted areas, chrome, or iron.

You need experienced cleaners who can identify your surfaces and know what cleaning products and procedures are best for that specific material.

Experience the Imperial Cleaning Difference for Your Gallery Cleaning

Imperial Cleaning provides high-end cleaning and disinfecting services to museums and art galleries of all sizes. Our team members have extensive education and experience that enables them to know how to clean valuable or fragile collections safely; we also understand what areas of the museum require more attention to look their best.

Visit us online to schedule a walk-through, or call us at 1-877-932-5326 to get started.

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