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What Happens When Your Office Cleaning Schedule gets Off-Track

When your regular office cleanings become sporadic, it can have negative effects on your business. Employees need a clean environment to work in for a number of different reasons. With a regular office cleaning schedule, you won’t have to think twice about when or how it will get done. You won’t have unorganized spaces or over flowing trash cans, and you’ll feel like you’re breathing a breath of fresh air.

3 Disadvantages of Not Having an Office Cleaning Schedule

1.      Employees Will Start to Get Sick

When a space starts collecting dust and germs, your employees will be more prone to get sick. Your employees spend so much time together and in the same space that germs can very easily spread. Once one person gets sick, it’s very likely that many will become ill, causing a downward spiral. A messy work place is the leading cause of employees falling behind on their work.


2.      Decrease in Productivity   

Messy and cluttered spaces can cause stress on workers. Once an employee is stressed, their productivity deceases because they no longer have the motivation to do their work. Some employees may even decide to take matters into their own hands and start to clean the office themselves. If employees start using their time at work to clean, they are losing time at work to focus on their own tasks.

3.      Bad First Impression

A first impression is a lasting impression. This is to be especially true if you are bringing in potential new clients. If you have a messy work space or office, clients could perceive that as the same way that you do your business, messy and unorganized. A clean space will make potential clients want to stay, while a dirty office will make them want to leave as quickly as possible.


A regular office cleaning schedule is an easy way to keep your office clean and not have to worry about any of the disadvantages that come along with a dirty work space. The cleaner your office space is kept, the better work environment you will be in. A happier work environment will only benefit your company in the long run.

If you need to get a more regular office cleaning schedule, call Imperial Cleaning Company. You can schedule a commercial cleaning for as often as you would like, and will be taken care of always.

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