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Create Clean Workspaces in your Office in 3 Simple Steps

There’s isn’t an office in America that couldn’t use a little cleaning. Whether it’s piles of papers, dusty desks or streaky windows, not having a clean workspace could be hurting your employees’ morale or even be costing you customers. To fix this type of sticky situation, follow these simple suggestions from the pros at Imperial Cleaning Company.

How to Make Clean Workspaces the Norm

1)      Get Organized

Organization is one of the biggest keys to cleaning up an office. It’s difficult to dust or disinfect surfaces when they are covered with papers and personal items.

Instead of turning a blind eye to the mess, employers will benefit from creating a culture of clean that encourages employees to regularly maintain tidy workspaces. Once the clutter is reduced (or hopefully removed), the real work of performing a detailed commercial cleaning can begin.

2)      It’s All About the Details

Nobody likes office cleaning, because it’s hard work.

Even after things are organized, there’s a lot more left to do. From vacuuming to dusting and everything in between, cleaning a workspace requires time, effort and attention to even the smallest details.

For example, disinfecting and sanitizing areas like doorknobs and handles can help to prevent employees from catching the flu and other contagious illnesses, like coronavirus.

A man creates a clean workspace.

Other Details to Focus On

  • Windowsills
  • Computer Monitors
  • Phones

3)      Set Aside Time for Cleaning

The best strategy for maintaining office cleanliness is to make cleaning a habit for everyone. If every staff member does a little bit, it will be easier to keep the office looking great all the time.

How to Create a Culture of Clean

  • Set a regularly scheduled time to clean up
  • Create an office to-do list
  • Establish a cleaning routine
  • Put a reminder in an online calendar

If you can get employees to buy-in to this plan, you will enjoy the benefits of clean workspaces throughout your office.

A cleaning professional creates a clean workspace.

When all Else Fails, Ask the Pros for Help

While asking employees to pitch in on cleaning duties sounds great in theory, it sometimes doesn’t work well in reality.

If you want a job done right, you need to call in the professionals for a detailed office cleaning. In addition to our regular commercial services, we now offer electrostatic spray disinfecting that thoroughly sanitizes surfaces quickly and efficiently. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make your office space a cleaner, healthier environment.

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