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How Office Cleaning Services Protect Against Colds and Flus

With winter fast approaching, cold and flu season isn’t far behind. To stop the spread of germs, businesses must be proactive. Before your whole staff comes down with the flu, consider the benefits of office cleaning services.

3 Ways Office Cleaning Services Improves Health

1)      Routinely Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Since a virus can live on a surface for up to 48 hours, the best way to protect employee health is through routine cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. It can kill the flu virus before it spreads through your office.

  1. Cleaning removes germs
  2. Sanitizing lowers the number of germs
  3. Disinfecting kills germs

A building-wide cleaning plan will include a thorough scrubbing of every area of the office from the bathroom to the breakroom. Professional office cleaning services can disinfect all of your building’s surfaces, including:

  • Desks
  • Countertops
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Equipment

By getting rid of germs, routine commercial cleaning appointments will likely cut down your employees’ sick time.

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2)      Extra Attention Paid to High-Touch Surfaces

From door knobs to light switches, there are certain areas of an office that are handled more than others during the course of a day. Besides getting grimy, these surfaces will spread germs, too.

To ensure everyone enjoys a healthy environment, we pay special attention to surfaces that your staff frequently touches, including:

  • Keyboards
  • Faucets
  • Phones
  • Bathroom Sinks

The cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting of high-touch surfaces helps provide a healthy atmosphere for anyone who walks in the door.

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3)      We Adhere to Industry Best Practices

A professional cleaning company creates a safe, healthy environment for everyone in the building. They use water-soluble products, which are a safe alternative to chemicals, like bleach and ammonia. From vacuum filtration technology to microfiber cloths, you can expect to receive a thorough cleaning that is also eco-friendly.

Even if your office’s surfaces don’t appear dirty, they still could be spreading colds and flus. Regular office cleaning services can keep your staff healthy by making every surface germ-free.

Imperial Cleaning Company is dedicated to making America’s offices healthy all-year-round. We are available to businesses nationwide to provide commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor surface care, green cleaning and more.

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