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Home Cleaning Tips: Common Mistakes you Probably Make

Every homeowner has a cleaning routine. These are the tasks you repeat over and over without much thought. Whether you realize it or not, your routine may actually be doing more harm than good. From old cloths to dirty vacuums, there are many common cleaning mistakes that could be counteracting your hard work. Before you mess up your next detailed cleaning, pick up these five professional home cleaning tips.

5 Home Cleaning Tips for those who Don’t Like to Clean

1)      Don’t Use (and Reuse) Dirty Cleaning Cloths

One of the most common cleaning mistakes is using dirty old rags to wipe down the surfaces of a house, because it tends to spread germs, bacteria and other particles. Even if you are using a fresh cleaning solution, you will just be pushing dust, dirt and grime from one place to another.

To solve this problem, professional cleaning companies use microfiber cloths, which can brush away bacteria with or without the help of chemical cleaners. Then, these tightly-woven cloths, which are used in green cleaning, may be thrown in the laundry or washed in the sink after use.

2)      Don’t Clean with your Bear Hands

No matter what type of cleaning hacks you use, there is no good reason to go without gloves. This most basic of all home cleaning tips provides a protective barrier between your hands and dirty surfaces and will prevent your skin from drying out.

A woman vacuuming the floor

3)      Always Clean your Vacuum

Vacuums are powerful cleaning tools when they are kept in good condition. They can keep just about any type of household carpet in top form.

But, if you don’t perform certain basic vacuum maintenance tasks, like emptying the bag, replacing the filters and wiping down attachments, vacuuming could be a waste of your time.

4)      Start with the Windows not the Floors

To get the best results, you need to have the right system.

Many homeowners make the mistake of starting low and moving high. Instead, it’s better to start with the windows and walls and work your way down to the floors. The reason professional cleaners work on the floors last is that if dust and dirt falls from higher surfaces, the floors will ultimately need re-cleaning.

A person about to clean a messy room

5)      Clean Consistently for Best Results

There are few people who really enjoy cleaning. In fact, it’s enough to make anyone go crazy. People will come up with all kinds of excuses to avoid the labor. Sometimes, families will delay cleaning as long as they can, leaving all the chores for one weekend a month.

The last of our home cleaning tips is to clean as regularly as possible. Instead of holding out for a big spring cleaning, mop up spills after they happen to prevent stains. Consistent cleaning will also keep you healthier and prevent household accidents.

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