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House Cleaning Tips you can use Between Scheduled Visits

Cleaning a house is a real chore. Whether it’s washing the dishes or doing the laundry, there’s still work to be done even when you hire a professional cleaning crew. If you would like ideas for how to keep your home clean in between visits, follow these five house cleaning tips.

House Cleaning Tips for Long Island Families

1)      No Shoes in the House

With people coming in and out every day, outside dirt can quickly soil your home. Instead, why not make a no-shoes policy for your guests? It’s a smart way to protect your floors and add years of life to your carpets.

If you would really like to keep things neat at home, consider adding a shoe storage system to your front hallway.

2)      Find a Spot for Everything

One of the keys to a clean home is order. If you designate spots for common household items, your home quickly becomes much more livable.

For example, one of our favorite house cleaning tips is to utilize storage solutions, like hooks, baskets and filing cabinets. A system like that will help declutter your home in a snap.

Not only will your home look its best all the time, but you will lose items less frequently, too.

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3)      Don’t let the Clutter Accumulate

In the time in between scheduled cleaning visits, it’s easy for your home to get out of order. But, if you follow recommended house cleaning tips, you won’t have to get stressed out.

The best way to not get behind on household chores is to get a little done every day. You might spend one evening picking up your bedroom, and another straightening up your living room.

Without jackets and reading materials strewn about, your home will look inviting to guests every day of the week.

4)      Clean up Small Spills and Minor Messes

Not every mess is best left for the cleaning crew.

Small spills are best cleaned up immediately. Kitchens and bathrooms are two places where immediate cleaning attention can make a real difference. Next time a glass spills, clean it up quick. It might prevent a serious stain.

If you don’t clean at all in between visits, you will notice a difference. Instead of everything looking squeaky clean, dust and dirt could take up residence in your home.

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5)      Break Household Chores into Manageable Parts

Although cleaning a whole house is difficult, it’s much more manageable if you break it into small parts. Tackle the kitchen one night after work, and then maybe tidy up the bedrooms on Sunday.

It’s important to recognize what you need to do get done, and what is better left for a cleaning crew. If you are confused, jot down a list of what tasks you would like professional cleaners to get done. Then, you will be ready the next time your cleaning crew visits your home.

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