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Why Disinfectant Cleaners Should be Used by Professionals in Schools

Nothing is more important these days than keeping your students and faculty safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. The best way to help everyone stay protected is to bring in the professionals. A disinfection crew knows the best practices to follow and

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A Happy, Clean and Healthy Office Starts with Disinfecting

While many companies are promoting more remote work, we are also seeing a growing number of face-to-face meetings at the office. To keep employees safe and protected, companies need to take proper precautions before encouraging workers to return to the

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Imperial Cleaning - Ready for the Future

The wait is finally over, we have officially unveiled our new logo for all to see! After much buildup and a highly anticipated reveal, we couldn’t be happier with the results. Now that our week of fun events has come to an end, we’re excited to share all

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Reopening Schools: A Thorough Disinfection Can Be Achieved at Night

While there continues to be uncertainty about schools reopening, one thing remains constant, a strong cleaning and thorough disinfection protocol is critical to successfully protecting your school from COVID-19. While many schools have a janitorial staff

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What and How to Disinfect from Cleaning Experts

It’s common knowledge that an office needs regular cleanings. However, what many people don’t know is that offices also need a proper disinfection in addition to a cleaning. In order to thoroughly disinfect and kill any harmful bacteria, a regular office

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Disinfecting Tips to Keep Employees Healthy as NY Continues to Reopen

As New York and Long Island continue to make progress moving through the reopening phases, it’s important to remember that the coronavirus is still around. While things may seem to be getting back to normal and more employees are returning to the

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Consider a Full Office Cleaning While your Employees are at Home

With so many employees in New York working remotely right now, there is no better time to get a cleaning crew in and receive a thorough office cleaning. Getting your office cleaned regularly is always important, but now with COVID-19 still circulating,

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A Detailed Spring Cleaning Will Rid your Home of Germs

Now that spring is in full swing, the weather keeps getting warmer and people are opening up their windows more, it’s good to give your home a spring cleaning. Due to the importance of self-quarantining people are spending more time in their homes,

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Professional Cleaners can Improve your Employees' Morale, too

Germs spread everywhere. Everything you touch at any point of the day can have germs. As most employers are, you’re probably too busy to take time each week and give your office the full cleaning and disinfecting it needs. Especially with coronavirus

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Coronavirus Outbreak Highlights the Need for Disinfecting Services

With the coronavirus outbreak continuing to spread, it’s important to have the proper disinfecting services to keep your office free of germs and bacteria. With a proper disinfecting service, you can help to keep your employees healthy and protected from

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