Expert Cleaning Blogs: Tips for Commercial and Residential Cleaning

A Thorough Commercial Power Washing Service Can Benefit Your Business

Your building is starting to look worn-out and old, but you don't have the money in your budget for a significant renovation. Fortunately, commercial power washing services are a fast, cost-effective way to clean and enhance your business's exterior

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5 Signs It’s Time to Find New Professional Office Cleaners

Do you feel your professional office cleaners aren’t giving your business the attention it deserves? Are you noticing that housekeeping tasks appear rushed or were skipped entirely? If so, it’s probably time to find new professional office cleaners.


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Celebrate Teachers on National Teachers Day with an Overnight Cleaning

May 3rd is National Teachers Day and what better way to celebrate the educators who work so hard for the children they teach than with an overnight cleaning session. Not only is overnight cleaning a terrific way to show your appreciation for teachers,

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Commercial Porter Services: How It Works and How It Enhances Your Building’s Image

If you’re ready to invest in spring cleaning services to keep your building looking its best, it’s time to utilize a commercial porter service. This is an effective way to extend the impact of your spring-cleaning efforts and enhance your building’s

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Enhance Your Medical Facility's Patient Experience with a Professional Cleaning Team

A whopping 90 percent of patients report that they don't say anything when they have an unpleasant experience at a medical facility. Instead, they’ll merely leave and avoid using that place for any future medical needs. One sure way to improve patient

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Commercial Floor Care: The Benefits of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the first things employees and visitors notice when they enter your building is the flooring. Even though your floors comprise a significant portion of your facilities, it's easy to overlook your commercial floor care or mistakenly believe that a

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In-House Cleaning Crew vs. Pro Cleaning and Disinfecting Company

It is common knowledge that a clean, sanitized workplace is essential for providing a healthy, inviting work environment and creating a positive first impression with potential customers and clients. However, many facility managers that we speak with

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How a Retail Cleaning Company Improves Customer Dwell Time

Studies report that the longer a person remains in a specific area or at a display in a store, the more they are likely to purchase something. Research suggests that a one percent increase in dwell time results in a 1.3 percent boost in sales. For

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The Hidden Health Benefits of a Clean and Disinfected Office Space

Your office space is one of the first things that visitors, customers and potential employees notice when they arrive at your company. Research indicates that you only have seven seconds to create a solid first impression.

When your employees arrive, the

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How Professional Commercial Cleaning Services Protect Medical Facilities During Flu Season

Every year, the influenza virus causes more than 200,000 hospitalizations. For medical facilities, it’s essential to take special precautions to limit the spread of hospital-associated infections during flu season. Medical facilities across the country

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