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3 Reasons to Consider Professional Cleaning and Sanitizing

Did you know that the average work desk has more than 10 million germs on it? Although these particles are invisible, they are far from harmless. In fact, the neglect of cleaning and sanitizing could be a harbinger of bigger problems to come. To prevent germs from taking over your office, consider the benefits of signing up for professional commercial cleaning services.

The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning and Sanitizing

1)      Fewer Employee Sick Days

Everyone knows that a clean office is a healthy office. But, it takes more than a quick wipe down to truly make a building germ-free.

Commercial cleaning and sanitizing services remove those minuscule particles that tend to accumulate on common office items, like doorknobs, phones and keyboards.

After one or more detailed cleaning appointments, your company could greatly decrease the likelihood of colds, flus and other illnesses spreading throughout the office.

A desk that needs cleaning and sanitizing services

2)      Safer Surroundings

Another benefit of choosing a professional cleaning company is that they will be using state-of-the-art cleaning and sanitizing equipment, which is safer for humans, pets and the planet.

Your professional crew will also be using green cleaning products that do not contain harmful pollutants and toxins.

As a result, you and your staff will be able to enjoy the benefits of improved indoor air quality and a generally safer, healthier working environment.

3)      A More Professional Appearance

A dusty, dirty office space is one of the biggest turn-offs in the business world. It tends to cause bad impressions, which can ultimately lead to lost customers and even lower revenue.

Fortunately, professional cleaning and sanitizing services are an easy fix to this problem. In one or more appointments, a cleaning crew can do wonders for the appearance of your building.

From floor waxing to restroom cleaning to building maintenance, a cleaning company can quickly provide your business with a fresh, new look for the New Year.

cleaning and sanitizing equipment

Imperial Cleaning Company Specializing in Sanitizing Commercial Spaces

If you are worried that dust, dirt and germs have taken over your office, it might be time to ask a professional cleaning crew for help.

For more than 25 years, Imperial Cleaning Company has been dedicated to making America’s commercial spaces cleaner, healthier working environments. We are available to businesses nationwide to provide commercial cleaning, including window washing, carpet cleaning, green cleaning and more.

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