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Why Post Construction Cleaning Services and The Benefits it Provides

After making it through a lengthy construction project, you want to get the space operational as quickly as possible. The sooner the building or renovated area is clean and gleaming, the faster you can bring in rental income or expand your operations.

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The Art to Museum and Gallery Cleaning

While any business needs strict cleaning standards to preserve its reputation and uphold its brand, art galleries and museums have unique characteristics that make regularly scheduled cleaning services essential.

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What to Expect During Your Thorough Dental Office Cleaning

Imperial Cleaning has experience providing high-quality cleaning services to various medical facilities, including dentist offices.

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Our National Cleaning Company Has All of Your Business Sites Covered

Many businesses have multiple locations, often scattered across the country, that require cleaning services. Instead of hiring a different local cleaning company for each business location, hire a national cleaning company to service your multi-location

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Start the Summer Off on a Clean Foot with a Summer Cleaning

While the warm summer temperatures are ideal for spending time outside, the pleasant weather can result in your home looking less than clean. Kids, pets, and visitors often track dirt, grass, and mud inside your home, causing it to quickly appear dirty.

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A Thorough Commercial Power Washing Service Can Benefit Your Business

Your building is starting to look worn-out and old, but you don't have the money in your budget for a significant renovation. Fortunately, commercial power washing services are a fast, cost-effective way to clean and enhance your business's exterior

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What to Expect When Hiring Property Management Cleaning Services

As a property manager, you understand that your clients depend on you to manage their properties and create the best possible image for their investments. One vital service that is needed is property management cleaning services. This is a valuable

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Use the Imperial Shield and Join the "Clean Air in Buildings Challenge"

In March of 2022, the Biden-Harris Administration announced the “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge” as part of the initiative to fight COVID-19 to help Americans regain a sense of normalcy and move past the pandemic. The “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge”

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5 Signs It’s Time to Find New Professional Office Cleaners

Do you feel your professional office cleaners aren’t giving your business the attention it deserves? Are you noticing that housekeeping tasks appear rushed or were skipped entirely? If so, it’s probably time to find new professional office cleaners.


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Celebrate Teachers on National Teachers Day with an Overnight Cleaning

May 3rd is National Teachers Day and what better way to celebrate the educators who work so hard for the children they teach than with an overnight cleaning session. Not only is overnight cleaning a terrific way to show your appreciation for teachers,

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